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science experiment week!!!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! so as it says up there we are going to have a science experiment week! and I suppose you already know what that means, it means I will be posting science experiments all week long! OK so if you are excited I shouldn’t keep you waiting!
So here is the first experiment….

Tornado in a bottle! OK this is just a cool, fun experiment.

You will need…

A plastic bottle ( with a lid that you can screw on tightly)

some sprinkles ( A chunky size would be better to see )

food colouring

and water

Step 1: fill the bottle 3 quarters full

Step 2: Add a few drops of food colouring

Step 3: add in the sprinkles

Step 4: screw on the lid tightly

Step 5: spin your bottle! ( in a circular motion )

Step 6: watch your Tornado spin!

A Tip: You can add monopoly houses to give a better tornado like view!

Wow! That is a cool experiment simple and doesn’t require that many materials!

Just be careful not to blow away!!!

Until tomorrow the blog administrator, Bushra


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solid or liquid?

Have you ever wondered if something can be solid and liquid at the same time? Well if you have, then you came to the right place because I am about to share a cool science experiment, but ask your mom’s permission because she might not like crumbly, messy, white goo on her lovely new carpet! So I am going to give you the instructions and ingredients…..


1 cup of cornflower ( you can reduce )

1/4 cup of water

mixing spoon

mixing bowl



Step 1  Place 1 cup of cornflower in the mixing bowl.

Step 2 Add 1/4 – 1/2 cup of water and mix to a thick past.

Step 3 The powder is solid the water is liquid. Do you think the mixture will be a solid or a liquid?

Step 4 Actually, it’s both! With your hands knead a handful of the mixture. It will become firm as long as you keep kneading.

Step 5 Stop kneading. Quickly punch the mixture. It feels hard it may even crack.

Step 6 Watch the mixture. Now that you have stopped kneading, it will return to its original form.

Step 7 Push your fingers into it very slowly. They will slide in as though the mixture is a liquid. Raise your hands and see it pour through your fingers.


Amazing right? well how easy was that? If you want more science experiments, just write your comment at the bottom of this page.  


My favorite videos

hello! everyone sorry my internet was out for the past few days. OK today I will share some of my favorite videos with you, they are called wild kratts, and they are talking about rattle snakes and how they use there heat vision to find there prey, and there prey has a way to defend. And the next video is about the subnivean zone, I know its hard to say! so it is about some little rodents surviving through the winter but they don’t sleep through it but they survive through it! So I posted two videos I hope you enjoy them!