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The historical fight at dawn

THE Historical fight at dawn

One day there was a cat named Pumpkin she was enjoying her lovely life in one of the best
Fanciest gardens in the compound, but her life wasn’t always relaxing she has to be on the lookout for other adult cats who want to take over her land but Pumpkin is a strong cat ready to fight for her life. One day Pumpkin’s worst enemy Ginger wanted her land but Pumpkin didn’t want to give it up so she agreed to fight at dawn and if she loses she will have to leave the compound so Ginger went back to his territory to get ready for the historical fight at dawn…..

So then at dawn Pumpkin stood up to all odds to defend her territory and Ginger stood up to all odds to claim it….. “Are you ready?’ said Ginger “In my sleep!” said Pumpkin. “Then let the fight begin!” So, the cats jumped in the air scratched, hissed, growled and rolled….
So who do you think won? Pumpkin or Ginger? And the glorious winner is Pumpkin! All the cats cheered, but Ginger the sour looser said “I will come back for my revenge, Pumpkin!” And Ginger ran away into the deep, dark jungle to gain his strength and plan his revenge…..

So this is the fist chapter of My book The historical fight at dawn if you want to know the rest, well come back next week!

copyright Bushra


OK I know I said next week but i couldn’t help my self lol, but let’s go!

The historical fight at dawn chapter 2 and 3

The return of harmony

It was a nice sunny morning in the compound, and Pumpkin was resting in the shade she was very tired after the historical fight, she was having a day off. No fighting, only relaxing. But that didn’t last long as Black Socks, her friend, came running, (out of breath) “Pumpkin, come, it’s an emergency!” said Black socks.
So, Pumpkin followed Black Socks to the town where all the cats had gathered in a huge circle. “What’s going on?” “Well, well, well. If it isn’t Pumpkin!” Said ginger.
“Stop picking on my friends, Ginger!” Said Pumpkin “You and I have some unfinished business, my fighting skills have gotten a lot better since I’ve been here last, Ginger yelled. “And your point is? Said Pumpkin. “You and I, a fight at dawn, winner stays, loser leaves the compound forever!” Said Ginger. “forget it I’d never make a deal like that” said Pumpkin “hmm your choice” ginger grabs black socks and throws him to the ground then grabs him from his neck choking him. “Stop it!”Said Pumpkin Not until I get my revenge! Said Ginger “alright ginger we will fight at dawn but you will get the beats!
We will see about that.

Chapter 3

The return of Ginger

So Pumpkin got ready she practiced and practiced until
It was time for the fight at dawn…….
“Are you ready?
“I’m ready to whack your back side till its red as a rotten tomato! Said Pumpkin
Hahahahahahahahaha. Said the cats we will see about that. Said Ginger
Let the fight begin!!! Said Pumpkin
So the two cats jumped in the air scratching and hissing once again…… till all the cats gasped in amazement so what do you think happened?

Pumpkin fell to the ground screaming in pain. “Owww what’s the matter Pumpkin give up” said Ginger but amazingly Pumpkin got up jumped in the air and kicked Ginger in the face knocking him to the ground, but Ginger got up and racked her claws across Pumpkin’s belly, but Pumpkin raked her claws across Ginger’s face and the blood smeared across it, but that didn’t stop her, Ginger leaped into the air and pinned Pumpkin to the ground, ” So who’s the tough cat now?!” growled Ginger but pumpkin just stared at Ginger in disgust, Ginger got off her and stood straight so all the cats can see, ” Well looks like your hero has failed you, well now that I have beaten this useless clump of fur, I shall be in charge!” said Ginger but pumpkin growled and jumped in the air pining Ginger to the ground. ” Excuse me how dare you call the most feared cat in all the land a useless clump of fur!” Pumpkin snapped ” I can call what ever cat I want any name I want!” Ginger spat ” especially weak little ones like you!” she mocked ” Well then I think you are talking to the wrong one!” Pumpkin spat and with that she lashed her claws at Ginger’s face, and blood oozed out from her many wounds. ” first you challenge me to take my land, then I teach you a nice lesson, but then oh what a surprise, you come back like a little kitten rushing to her mother!” mocked Pumpkin ” what did you come back for your milk? ” oh no wait a little kitty toy! laughed Pumpkin All the cats joined.
But that only made Ginger mad. ” oh now what?” laughed Pumpkin when she saw Ginger’s red hot face ” oh don’t be like that” said Pumpkin ” maybe you can be a clown instead of a cat, or maybe a cat toy seller after all you are a funny cat!” “ALL the cats laughed so hard, that half of them had the hiccups ” oh now you changed the battle field to a clown show! spat Ginger Pumpkin turned around and glared at Ginger ” what did you say?” Said Pumpkin ” that you are a chicken!” spat Ginger Pumpkin lashed her claws across Ginger’s face and she howled in pain ” First of all how dare you call me a chicken!” Pumpkin mowed angrily “Because you turned the battle field in to a comedy show!” Ginger spat ” OK it is time we settle this once and for all!” said Pumpkin And with that she jumped in the air and raked her claws across Ginger’s face Ginger howled in pain but Pumpkin didn’t give Ginger a chance she jumped in the air and raked her claws across Ginger’s belly Ginger gave an ear splitting howl and with that dropped to the ground. Pumpkin was about to leap at her when Ginger screamed ” I give up OK?” “You are the most feared cat!” ” Just please step away!” Ginger meowed ” hmm I guess so but you are going to get arrested!” ” what no no I…I am sorry please don’t! ” cried Ginger “sorry but those are the rules” said Pumpkin and with that all the cats’ cheered wow that was amazing cried Black Socks I knew you could do it! “Thanks every cat” said Pumpkin. So two police cats came to take Ginger to prison ” take this useless ball of fur out of here” pumpkin spat “you got it Pumpkin, but where to? “to the midnight wave island” said Pumpkin with a grin. All cats gasped ” yep you heard that right” meowed Pumpkin ” OK what ever you say Pumpkin” said the police cat ” after all she deserves it!” So then the two police cats put the paw cuffs on Ginger ” grrrrrr” she growled ” grrrrr your self” said Pumpkin with a laugh “I hope you learn your lesson at The Midnight wave island! Black socks came up to her ” Pumpkin why is it called the midnight wave island? Pumpkin sighed “because The most dangerous criminal Midnight fury is there” she meowed sadly. All the cats gasped. “Pumpkin, isn’t that your son? Said Black Socks. Pumpkin sighed sadly, ‘Yes, he is.

Well I hope you enjoyed these chapters! If you are worried this is the end of the book, It is not! you have a lot more waiting for you next week!

copyright Bushra

My favourite book! :D

Hello everyone and welcome back!!! I hope I haven’t been gone too long! Any way let’s start! So today I want to share my favorite book! Yes! OK here is the name of the book….

The Tiger Princess

OK now I know what you are thinking “oh it is a girly book! I don’t like it!”

Well let me just tell you that if you dont read this book, you are missing out on an incredible adventure! starring Saderia!

Now let me tell you about the book…. Saderia is a tiger she is Brave, kind, down-to-earth, and opinionated. Adventurous and determined, she never gives up even when the situation looks bleak, she is always fighting for good… even if she has to to break a few rules along with way. She may face tough decisions, but she is able to think them through and choose what she truly believe is best. She is able to think clearly even when in danger and is willing to risk anything to stand up for who and what she believes in. Solving ancient and dangerous mysteries filled with fires, dangerous enemies, ancient royal secrets, and magical prophecies would be considered a fun way for her to spend her time, even though it can be frightening and stressful at times. Other times, She enjoys just being herself.

See! I told you! This is my favorite book ever!!!!

I love it!!!

Now I will give you more info…

Saderia Series Book #1: The Tiger Princess

Ten years ago, the tiger King and Queen of a vast forest disappeared in a mysterious fire.

No one knows how the fire started. In ten years, the truth has never been discovered. But now, ten years later, their orphaned daughter is determined to solve the mystery…

Ten-year-old Saderia has led a life of luxury as the Princess of the forest under the care of her persnickety aunt and uncle – though it has always had its flaws. But when her nights are troubled by terrifying dreams of the fire that took her parents, her comfortable life is turned into a race to find the truth. On a quest to solve the mystery of who killed her parents, she stumbles upon bewildering clues, secretive allies, and even magic.

Saderia is determined to solve the mystery, but as she uncovers more clues, her own life is drawn deeper and deeper into danger. She must find out the truth before time runs out – and her own fate is sealed.

There are 6 books in the series, if you want to get this series got to

OK now this is the last part, and in it i will post some pictures….

the t p






Oh and if you have a kindle or nook you can get the first book free!

OK everyone unfortunately this is the end but dont worry I will be back! so stay awake and remember! DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER!!! goodbye!!

I dont own any of the pics they are from Sarah Renee’s blog! And I have only put this up too spread the word of The Tiger Princess! 🙂

hello and welcome back! to my blog! today I will post my garden updates! so this is basically an update on my garden, and how everything grows here in Al Ain, so if you decide you want to grow some plants I will be happy to help tell you what grows here, and how to grow it. So lest start!

Sweet corn: grows nicely, but make sure you water it everyday! they need soil that has lots of nutrients and air spaces. If you want you can put earth worms in your dirt, it helps a lot!

carrots: grow perfectly here! they grow better in sandy soil, they grow in hot weather so make sure you don’t grow them at winter time!

Coli flower: grow very well I am impressed I thought it would never pop up! they would appreciate it if you add in some nutrients! They would also like it if you add some sun and shade to the mixture! But seriously they NEED THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF SUN AND SHADE!

potatoes: grow here! wow I had no idea! Ha-ha just kidding of course they grow here! its sunny! so this is how to grow them grab a potato from the kitchen ( just make sure it has roots coming out of it) I will post a picture at the end, next put them in the dirt, it is amazing the potato will keep spreading its roots and then it will pop up from the ground with tiny green leaves! So you will have to wait till in dies.. I know it sounds wired but trust me, it will work! So pull it out and there you have it! your own fresh home grown potatoes!

WOW that’s amazing! I am so looking foreword to having potato chips! I hope you enjoyed my garden update stay tooned for more in My garden update part 2!

A bunch of Potatoes growing roots

5-27 potato