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The young writer contest 2014

Well guys looks like The contest has come to an end! 🙂 But I am sure you all are excited to find out which story won, and who will be declared….

‘The young writer’ 😀 XD so on this post I will be spilling the beans!!! Some of you asked me what the surprise is, but my lips where sealed! 😛 lol! But today I shall tell you all the surprise, and The winner of the The young writer contest! 😀 So lets go!!!

Oh and one more thing guys ‘sorry’ but when you read who the winners are, don’t get upset! cuz ‘Its not about who you are its about what you Wright! So with out further a do I present to you the winners of The young writer contest!!!

Angela 1st place! Angela your story is awesome! 🙂 I adored Christie and her special running power! That was so cool! and I liked the details, like when Christie’s parents chirped! That was a nice touch! Well done! you are a ⭐ !

Jesus freak 2nd place! Jesus freak I loved your story it is heart warming! 🙂 Nicely written! 😀 I love Nina Marie and Amati! And the way you started your story wow!!!! Good job! 🙂 🙂

jayhawk 3rd place! Jayhawk your story was awesome! with a capital A! 🙂 I am very impressed for your story is very detailed and full of ACTION! XD 🙂 😀 I love The leader of the wolf pack! And how Dingo is trying to kill the leader!!!! AWESOME! 🙂 😀

So guys this is the end of the contest I’m afraid! 🙂 But I will try to have one next year! 🙂 So I guess you want to know the prize right? 🙂 Well the prize is….

The winner (Angela) Will have her own page on my blog! 🙂 So The page will be named ‘The winner of The young writer contest!’ And if Angela doesn’t mind, I can put her story on her page! 🙂 😀 And Angela you can choose what you want to happen next on my blog! 😀 (But it has to be something I can do!) 🙂

Oh and since you came 2nd jesus freak, I will let you choose what will happen on my blog (after) Angela does! Sorry if I sounded rude! 🙂

So guys this is the end!!! see yah!!!

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The contest is over!!!

Alright guys the contest is over!!! 🙂 😀 And like I said I will post the winner on the 28th! 🙂 So if you have entered your story, then all you have to do is wait for 6 days! I know its a long wait, but your stories are all so good I am going to have trouble choosing the 1st 2nd and 3rd! 😉 So if you have any questions, just comment below!!! 🙂 😀

The contest is almost over!

Al right guys the contest is almost over! 😀 (This is only a little post just to remind you that you should send in your stories ASAP!) 😉 Some of you have already entered your stories, but the ones who didn’t I will give you 5 days extra (I forgot about them!) lol! 😉 So your stories should be entered on the 22nd! 😀 So see yah! And may the best stories win! 🙂 😀 XD

phone pics 1789

Oh and for some weird reason I felt like adding a picture of my cat Pumpkin! XD 😀 (She is trying to type on the computer as I am typing!) lol!!! Any way that was just for fun! see yah! 😉 😀

The winning Contest!!!!!!

Looks like we are in for an awesome competition here guys!!!! XD So The vote is over! And we will have a SHORT STORY CONTEST!!!!! wohooooo! XD So in this post I will put all the info you need about the contest! 🙂

1. The contest will start today! (August the 5th!) Write your stories and make them good! XD

2. If you have your story written and ready then send it to this email address by August the 17th or sooner…

3. The story should be minimum 3 pages long. Just write until you have no ideas left! 🙂 XD

4 The contest will end on the 25th of August, the winner will be posted on 28th of August! 🙂

If you have any questions, just comment below! 🙂

May the best story win! 🙂 XD 😀

Action time

Al right guys! 🙂 Its time for some ACTION!!! XD So I am going to have a vote but it isn’t just any fun vote, its a vote to decide what action you guys want!!! So here are your two options…

1. An art competition

2. A short story contest (you have to email me your short stories and I will see which one is the best!) XD

I will now do the vote!!! (may the best option win!!!!)

Okay guys that was it! 🙂 we will see which of these options wins! XD