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my AJ animal! and an update

Hey guys! 😀 I know things have been a bit boring lately, but i was soo busy! lol! So I thought of adding a picture of my AJ (animal jam) animal!!! 🙂 so here it is!


XD I hope you like it! oh and just to let you know, i have been writing my story, and i already got 3 chapters! 😀 The book is called ‘The fight at midnight’ 🙂 its book 2!!! If you haven’t read book 1 then you can find it on the page above called ‘The Historical Fight at dawn’ you cant miss it! and here is the last thing, some of you asked if I could post some more pictures of salalah and Sri lanka, I will do that as soon as i am free! 🙂 This was a hurried post so yeah… Sorry if there are spelling mistakes I dont really have much time to correct them! 🙂 so see yah!!! 🙂


my favourite recitor!

hi guys! XD I thought of adding a video of my favourite recitor! 😀 so here it is! It is so heart warming! 🙂

There you go! 😀 I hope you like it! XD I will try to add a media with me reading! 🙂 so let me know what you think! 🙂 😀

oh and if you want to know what this recitor is reading, just let me know! XD

Angela’s poll!!!

Alright guys Angela has decided what will happen next!!! XD We will have a poll!!!! 😀 So lets go!!!!! XD 🙂

So guys there it is! XD But dont ask me what instrument I play cuz I dont play them! 🙂


Hey guys! XD you won’t believe it!!! I found a cute Persian cat in my living room!!!! It’s black and has a very fluffy tail!!! 😀 I called her Saderia!!! XD I will show you some pictures of her!!! 🙂






Isn’t she cute??? XD but I love pumpkin more! After all I had her for a year!!!!! 😀 I wouldn’t dream of giving her away!!!! XD so guys let me know what you think by commenting below!! See yah!!!! 🙂 ⭐ XD 😀