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Sitka the tiger

once apon a time there was a tiger who had no stripes, but a sleek golden coat that shimmered and shon in the sun. This tiger was called sitka, he was big muscular and powerfully built. He was a very beautiful tiger indeed. Sitka loved his golden coat so much, he was proud and only had the bet groomers in the kingdom to groom it. But one day his groomers had fallen ill. Sitka was worried ‘who will groom my golden coat now?’ he growled Sitka called his advisor Arion. ‘Arion!’ roared Sitka ‘yes your highness’ said Arion a white panther with dark blue eyes. ‘I need a groomer and I need him now!’ Sitka’s voice thundered. ‘but they have all fallen ill your highness’ said Arion in a shivering voice. ‘I don’t care!’ Sitka spat ‘get them out of bed and drag hem if you have to!’ he yowled ‘b-but your highness you might catch their sickness if they come near you’ Arion explained. Sitka narrowed his eyes. ‘your right Arion’ he said at last ‘I must find new groomers’ he hissed ‘I think i know one who lives in the village’ said Arion ‘is he to be trusted?’ asked Sitka ‘oh yes your highness, I know him very well he works in a salon’ he said proudly. ‘perfect!’ Sitka exclaimed ‘you are to bring him here at once!’ he yowled. ‘right away your highness’ said Arion bolting through the great castle doors. Sitka padded over to his golden throne that was dabbed with diamonds and rubies. He sat on it grinning ‘I am the richest kind that ever lived!’ he yowled.

About an hour later Arion came charging through the castle doors once again. ‘where is the groomer?’ Sitka growled. ‘right here your highness’ said a light brown lynx bowing. Sitka glanced at the lynx. ‘I was told you can groom my golden coat’ he said ‘if you do a good job I shall reward you with one thousand gold pieces,but if you fail you will be imprisoned for two years’ he growled. The lynx looked doubtful he glanced at Arion he nodded. The lynx took a deep breath ‘yes i will be honoured to groom your golden coat your highness’ said the lynx. ‘excellent!’ Sitka roared and with that he leaped down from his magnificent thrown and walked over to his grooming chair. He sat down and pointed his tail to a small chair next to his. The lynx gulped and padded to where Sitka was sitting. ‘you will use these oils and brushes’ said Sitka pointing to a basket. ‘you may begin’ said Sitka. The lynx was shivering he took a deep breath then grabbed the oils rubbing them in expertly and smoothly. And in about half an hour he gasped. His paws shook and he drooped the bottle of golden oil on the ground. ‘is something wrong?’ Sitka asked. The lynx froze ‘ said is something wrong?’ Sitka growled impatiently but before the lynx could utter a word Arion screamed. ‘your highness what happened to your golden coat?’ he screamed ‘some one fetch me a mirror!’ Sitka yowled Arion gulped and rolled a mirror to Sitka. Sitka looked into it and gasped. His fur was covered in black marks and paw prints. ‘what have you done?!’ Sitka screamed. ‘You ruined my golden coat!’ The lynx was shivering he dropped the brush he was using on the floor. ‘GUARDS!’ Sitka called ‘Arion call the guards NOW!’ he said scrambling off him seat in fury. Arion looked at his friend and bowed his head. ‘ I am sorry my friend but I must obey my kings orders’ Arion whispered. Arion charged towards the castle doors and yowled. ‘GUARDS!’ ‘KING SITKA WANTS YOU AT ONCE!’ Arion yowled. Almost instantly five big guards bolted through the doors, and ran to Sitka. ‘Yes your highness’ said the biggest but he froze when he saw Sitka’s fur. ‘This fellow here has messed my my golden coat’ Sitka growled ‘want you to throw him in jail this instant!’ Sitka beard his fangs. The Guard narrowed his eyes and ordered the other guards to take the shivering lynx. The lynx howled. ‘howl all you like!’ Sitka spat ‘ you wont be seeing the outside world for a while!’.



😀 I hope you guys like my story! Tell me what you think! I will try working on the second chapter later! 🙂 see yah!!! 😀 XD


arctic wolf!

hey guys! 🙂 Sorry i was busy very busy! but today i will post some pictures of nature! and my animal jam arctic wolf! 😀

aj aw

b p i w

green natural scenes





tadah! 😀 I hope you like them! they are so beautiful! 🙂 ⭐