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Unnecessary Death

~~Unnecessary Death~~

The click of metal echoed off the cave walls.

Eyes flashed and teeth glinted at the vicious wolf’s call.

claws scraped stone and jaws cracked bones.

The wolfs deadly howl was as fierce as his own.

His eyes darted challengingly to and fro.

Till his eyes landed on his foe.

growling he leaped, his steel claws scraping the stone underfoot.

the wolfs eyes flashed, soot black blood dripped from his gnashed fangs.

they fought frousiously, moonlight bathing their black coats silver.

whimpers sounded as fang met flesh

claws ripped fur and made old wounds fresh

blood ran cold as it ran though mesh.

The battle cries made rocks collide.

But not even rocks could bury his enemys pride.

For nothing could beat his deadly stride.

not even his ambition could he hide

screech after screech cry after cry.

And never again will he sigh

He gazed up at the sky one more time

before closing his eyes and letting out one last cry…

Copyright Bushra Ali Alkhatib 1:05 PM 2015 Feb 25th



Moonlight creeped in through the sheltering trees, casting an eerie glow on the pale gray lynx. She gazed up at the shimmering stars in silence, her tail curled protectively over her two kits. She gazed at the night sky echoing a silent plee. ‘when will you come back Tannar?’. She sighed and looked down at her two twitching kits, sorrow filled her warm green eyes. ‘I hope you come back soon Tannar’ she whispered.

‘Quick!’ Tannar gasped nudging Arion frantically to his paws. ‘We got to get out of here!’ Arion gave a hasty nod and bounded after Tannar. Sitka spat angrily as the two friends charged out of the forest. ‘Don’t just stand there you useless creatures!’ Sitka yowled at his army. ‘After them!’. A few leopards look uncertain, but quickly charged after Arion and Tannar as Sitka let out a thunderous growl. Sitka stared after his army in fury, then turned to Lostspirit. ‘Now let’s deal with you’ Sitka hissed before unsheathing his claws and leaping at Lostspirit.

‘Come on were almost there!’ Arion panted. Tannar nodded then glanced back at Sitka’s approaching army. ‘There gaining on us!’ Tannar yowled. ‘This way!’ Arion gasped. swivering into a patch of undergrowth. Tannar followed him diving into the sheltering undergrowth. The two crouched low and looked though a few leaves. ‘Were did they go?’ growled a black scared leopard. ‘I think they went that way!’ growled a tiger. The black leopard nodded thoughtfully. ‘Ok you continue the way they were heading, and I’ll send another group back’ He growled. The leopard dipped his head ‘yes commander Stonefang’ he said and charged off with a few others following. Stonefang turned to the rest of the army and ordered them to go back. ‘wait’ he growled. nodding towards two panthers ‘I want two guards posted here just incase’. The panthers nodded as the searching party raced away. The two panthers paced around the clearing sniffing the leaves and ferns, then sat down. ‘Did you hear what Sitka said?’ A panther said angrily. ‘yes Keasar’ a panther called Kethai growled. He killed King Lavertis!’ Kethai exclaimed. ‘His own father!’ Keasar hissed. ‘He was the bravest king in all the kingdom’ Kethai sighed. ‘What will we do?’ Keasar asked. ‘I don’t know Keasar’ Kethai said letting out a defeated sigh. ‘I just don’t know’.

Tannar was crouched in the undergrowth, his eyes wide with shock. ‘Sitka killed Lavertis!’ he thought bewildered. He glanced at his friend to see his own astonishment mirrored in his eyes. ‘Sitka killed Lavertis!’ Arion gasped. Tannar nodded in equal bewilderment. Putting together the pieces of information like puzzle pieces. ‘When I get my claws on that murderer-‘ Tannar flicked his tail over his friends mouth, and gazed fearfully at the two panthers. ‘What was that?’ Keasar growled. ‘Lets go and find Stonefang!’ Kethai hissed racing back to the searching party. Keasar looked unsartain but dashed after his brother. Tannar pushed Arion to his paws. ‘Lets get out of here!’ he hissed urgently. Arion growled reluctantly but nodded in agreement. ‘Let’s go’.



PS: If you don’t know how to pronounce the names of Kethai and Keasar and Lavertis, here’s how!

Kethai: Kee-th-i-ee

Keasar: Kee-sa-r

Lavertis: La-v-er-tis

Note: Kethai and Keasar are brothers! 😀

The elephant’s last breath

Leaves swished around the forest floor. The forest echoed with the cries of distant birds. The sounds of the leaves crunching under the elephant’s feet made her flinch. ‘Where am I?’ she thought. She gazed up into the trees, eyes shining with wonder. Monkeys leaped from branch to branch calling to each other while colourful birds flew around pecking the tree trunks for the bugs that lived there. She kept walking, looking at the forest in awe, unaware of the unnatural glint of steel shining through the leaves, or of the dangerous gleam of hunger in the eyes of the hunter in the nearby bushes. She let out an agonising cry as she stepped into the shining trap. Tears flowed down her face as its steel fangs burrowed into her flesh, spilling out blood until the beautiful yellow leaves around her turned scarlet. Her eyes darted frantically around the peaceful forest, landing on the vicious eyes of the hunter. Her eyes widened as he took out a shining piece of metal and pointed it at her. She let out a fearful trumpet that sent the scared birds flying out of the sheltering green leaves. The hunter smirked evilly, slowly moving his gloved finger over the trigger. A loud, deafening crack erupted from the glinting weapon. She screamed as something shot out from the metal and dug deep into her flesh. Her scream died away as the metal object took away her life. The elephant collapsed with a loud thud as her breathing slowed. She let out one last hoarse breath before slipping into total darkness.