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The beast who wasn’t the beast 

Hiss…. The noise echoed through the vast jungle… Hiss the voice rang again. I was rooted to the spot. And again a growl split through the quiet night air. I shuddered. I grasped my only protection my gun. The leaves wrestled as the creature prowled through the undergrowth. I was frozen to the bone. I imagined the fierce creature leaping through the shadowed bushes that surrounded me. ”I’v got to get help” I thought desperately trying to find my survival pack. But before I could reach for it another growl rang through the trees. I jumped. My heart was throbbing so loud I was certain the creature could hear it. I held out my gun trying to point it with quivering hands. But the threatening growles echoed from every tree and bush in sight. I swung the gun every where, until my eyes landed on a pair of burning amber eyes. They blazed with a calm fiery glow. I gazed at them in  fear and wonder. But as another growl echoed yet again, fear clouded my thoughts. I lifted my gun aiming it at the shadowy creature. But before my hand could touch the triggure, the creature leaped out of the bush moonlight turning it’s dappled coat silver. It’s bared teeth flashing in the silver light, it’s lip peeled back into a frightening snarl. I screamed as it crashed into me knocking, my gun out of my trembling hands. It hurled it’s giant paws at me pinning me down. I struggled but with every move the creature sank it’s long claws into his shoulders. I shrieked as drops of blood oozed out of my wound. The creature raised its head and let out another snarl. I looked up at the creature, it’s sharp fangs glinted in the moonlight. I closed my eyes and pictured them diving into my feeble throat. But the creature just bent it’s head down and whispered.  ”Take care of nature human and it will take care of you”.  I looked up sharply and found my eyes meeting the creatures warm amber eyes. I shivered. ”Don’t be afraid” it murmured. As it stepped lightly off my shoulders. And padded away into the bushes. “Don’t be afraid” the creatures soft voice echoed in his mind. I got up and stared at the spot where the creature disappeared. I sighed and fell on my sack. I felt my eyes slowly closing and the image of the creature’s warm eyes appeared again in my mind. Don’t be afraid. He heard the creature’s soft whisper again and again in his mind as he was lulled into a long peaceful sleep.


The deep blue

~The deep blue~

The sun blazed feircely in the calm blue sky,

Sending waves of heat rushing by.

Sand stretched out endlessly and seagulls flew around aimlessly,

And the calm blue waves stretched out lazliy at the glittering line of shells.

A calm breeze whispered through the palm trees,

Carrying the salty fresh ocean air,

The sweltering sun showed no care.

Then came the sound of the running mare,

Her black shape slowly galloping nearer.

Her beautiful mane becoming clearer,

Until she came to a sudden stop.

Lifting her head she neighed,

Rising, she stood on her hind legs.

Tossing back her mighty head,

Eyes reflecting the glorious sun.

She neighed one more time before galloping towards the sun

and blending in with it as one…

Copyright Bushra Ail Alkhatib Thu March 5th 2:50 PM 2015

Pure evil

~~Pure evil~~

Hoarse gasps sounded as the old shadow hobbled along the deserted clearing,

The rasping breaths continued and the shadow stood there leering.

Mist floated around the withered old trees,

Their ghastly form lurid and scathing.

The shadow’s eyes glowed crimson as he crouched growling weakly,

Jagged claws gouging into the foul dirt and his tail shon sleekly.

Black clouds hoverd perilously aloft,

Bearly clear in the sheer darkness.

Tiny eyes glinted wickedly at the sudden starkness,

Thick, black rain dripped from the heavy black clouds.

Coating the dead forest in yet another layer of darkness,

Filling pools of hate and evil.

Poisoning the roots of life,

Like a knife of destructive force thrust into light.

There will never be a fair fight…