Pure evil

~~Pure evil~~

Hoarse gasps sounded as the old shadow hobbled along the deserted clearing,

The rasping breaths continued and the shadow stood there leering.

Mist floated around the withered old trees,

Their ghastly form lurid and scathing.

The shadow’s eyes glowed crimson as he crouched growling weakly,

Jagged claws gouging into the foul dirt and his tail shon sleekly.

Black clouds hoverd perilously aloft,

Bearly clear in the sheer darkness.

Tiny eyes glinted wickedly at the sudden starkness,

Thick, black rain dripped from the heavy black clouds.

Coating the dead forest in yet another layer of darkness,

Filling pools of hate and evil.

Poisoning the roots of life,

Like a knife of destructive force thrust into light.

There will never be a fair fight…


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