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The outside world was a blur. Mist swirled around me coating my thoughts in pure terror. A million questions stood between me and the outside world. But three echoed loudest of all: How? When? What? Gritting my teeth in desperation, my head darting to and fro. Salty tears flowed down my damp cheeks as one last question stood unanswered: Who will help me in my time of need?



Big glum stormy clouds swirled around my thoughts. My eyes betraying the anger I tried so hard to hide. My teeth were clenched as I tried to calm myself. Shaking with all the fury and hate that I could muster. The outside world seemed to fade away as I tried to organize my thoughts. Countless emotions seemed to flow out of me: Betrayal, anger, shock and most of all hate. Betrayal lashed hardest at me, scarring my heart forever. Taking a deep breath I closed my eyes as my stormy thoughts ceased. The once rolling stormy clouds being blown away by a breeze. The only emotion I felt was sadness. Salty rain was falling from the stormy clouds and cooling my raging thoughts. I opened my misty eyes and padded away, leaving a trail of tears.

4 new additions to my Ridiculous Inventions list!!!!

Hello my fellow veiwers! As you can see from the title I have 4 new additions to my Ridiculous Inventions list!!!! Here they are enjoy!!! Oh and I will add a Poll and we’ll see which of my Ridiculous Inventions will be the most Er… Ridiculous!!! 😀 1. Glowing toothpaste!!! Instructions of use: Simply apply toothpaste to your glowing toothbrush and brush away!!! When your done you got glowing teeth!!! XD The color of your teeth depends on the toothpaste! 2. Blankets with auto warm!!! The blankets have heat packs in them, but I won’t get into the details… Too complicated!!! 3. Shampoo that tastes good!!! You probably have tasted Shampoo it tastes horrible… Well why not have it flavored??? Imagine strawberry flavored Shampoo… Ridiculous!!! 4. Waterproof clothes! If your out in a rainy day have no fear!!! No need to use your newspaper as an umbrella any more!!! X’)

Expedition 2: The eye of the jungle

Leaves crunched under my thick adventure boots, and a soft breeze relieved me from the thick jungle air. I gazed around the jungle in awe, my eyes never leaving the calm green leaves. The heavy weight of my backpack fading away after the continues hours of walking through the endless jungle. Pulling my eyes away from the captivating trees, I pulled out a faded map and studied it with a calculating frown. Big faded letters marked the top of the map and a few bearly visible marks were marked on its rotting yellow paper. I glanced up from my  map, and let out a grunt of satisfaction as my eyes landed on a tree which had huge thick gnarled roots, I grinned and padded over to it my eyes scanning the roots until my eyes met a faded but noticeable mark. Sparking with excitement I rushed over to it and drew my hand over it clearing away some of the dirt and mud. Narrowing my eyes I pulled out my Jornal and added the mark to the others after pinpointing it’s exact direction. My eyes widened as I took in the picture the marks formed: The eye of the jungle.

An extract from RP’S diary.