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The holy month is here!!!!

Oh joy oh joy Ramadan is here, I cant stay put it seemed like years! Welcome veiwers! As you can see from the title the holly month is here! 🙂 I wish you alll a happy fasting!!!!!!!

رمضان مبارك!!!!




The echoing drip of water was all I heard  through the endless waves of pain vibrating throught my body. I could feel the hard chair I was sitting on digging into my flesh, only adding to the overwhelming pain. I was about to slip back into unconsciousness when a sharp flash stung my eyes. When they at last came into focus, my gaze snapped on the omnious shape of my torturer. He snickered as he ran his hand over a sharp silver blade. My eyes widened, I realised it was stained with blood, my blood. I gasped in horror as blood spilled from my mouth,
staining my teeth crimson. Realisation, disgust and pure horror washed over me as the metallic taste soaked my tongue, the source of the blood was a horribly deep gash in my throat. I screamed but all the came out was a river of dark blood. I tried to move but my hands were tied with a thick, bristly rope that stopped my blood flow. My gaze once again snapped to the man in front of me, I shivered with horror and overwhelming fear as I read the malice in his eyes. Only a few strings away from death, I gave into the pain but the evil man wasn’t finished yet. He chucked his blade to the ground and reached in his pocket for what I could only guess was a gun. He aimed it at me and murmured something with a voice so full of venom that it brought fear flooding back. With one last gaze at the fury in his eyes, I heard the whistle of my death ticket and all was gone……