Monthly Archives: July 2015

It has begun!!!!

Alright guys the herbs page is GONE!!!  I hope you studied! So I will start posting the questions on the 1st of August!!! (The trials will last for 1 week). Anyway enjoy your weekend and as always stay fans my freinds!!!


The medicine cat trials!!!

Hi there! I just got the best idea in the history of ideas! Er.. okay maybe not that amazing, but still cool/exciting. So as I assume you can see from the title, which kinda spoiled the surprise… I am starting The medicine cat trials!!! In the trials I having studied most of the basic methods will be the supervisor of the new event, I will post a question and in each question I will give you a patent, who is eaither injured or ill and you will have to state the best cure! Oh and if you don’t know much about herbs then you can read my herb page! But beware for I will be closing the page in 15 minutes! Hehe just kidding. You’ll have 1 day to study the best cures page! so may the best medicine cat win!!!! (or healer if your from the tribe!).