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Endless Nightmares

A lone shadow stood gazing at the moon, it was pitch black all except for that small clearing. I stood in the surrounding bushes, watching it, wondering what it was doing when a sharp ‘SNAP!’ zapped my attention. I could now feel fear creeping into me, making me feel hot and uncomfortable. My eyes narrowed as I scanned the darkness around me but I couldn’t see a thing in the sucking darkness. Spooked now, I turned my head back to the moonlit clearing and nearly yowled as I realized that the shadow was gone. Gulping, I backed away from the clearing, paw by paw, until I backed into a bramble bush. I swallowed a hiss of pain as the merciless spikes burrowed into my fur and broke through skin. I flattened my ear as one of the thorns snagged it, leaving fresh blood clotting the top. I started to tremble as I heard paw steps advancing toward me, I let out a yowl of fear and raced out of the brambles, ignoring the pain. Yet I still heard the advancing paw steps, faster now as they out paced me with each stride. Swallowing fear, I started running right and left, trying to throw off my pursuer. I sighed in relief  as I no longer heard the paw steps. Suddenly I felt hot, humid breath on my neck and froze. Shivering I turned my head and saw the shadow I was watching and screamed. The shadowy figure unsheathed his huge claws and lunged at me, barreling me over and cutting off my screams of fear. It put one paw on my throat with unsheathed claws and dug it’s other paws into my belly. “What do you want?” I gasped, struggling to speak as his claws dug into my throat. The shadow leaned down and I shrank away from his rank breath as he spoke. “You”. I shivered as I looked into his cold, blue eyes. “Why?” I choked. The shadow flicked his tail. “I am Hawk” he spoke, leaning closer until I was nose to nose with him. He smirked. “And your as good as dead”.

Copyright Bushra Alkhatib 9:30 PM Wednesday.


Fallen leaves

~Fallen leaves~

An icy wind wove around the trees,

Carrying with it it’s the fiery leaves.

Leaving the ghostly trees dry and bare,

Worn away by the sun’s burning glare.

The tree’s creaked and groaned,

As if the loss of their leaves was like having been stoned.

But as the breeze carried the leaves,

It swirled them around the trees as though to tease.

But the once proud trees stood ridged and still,

Refusing to sway at the teasing breeze.

But the stubborn breeze refused to cease.

Its flowing jealousy working with greed.

For it was never seen,

As the big proud tree’s covered with their changing leaves.

But as time flew the seasons changed,

And the sneering breeze slowed again.

For it now was no more,

Than the playful breeze running the moor.

And at last ended the season of The Fallen Leaves….


Copyright Bushra Alkhatib 8:20 PM Monday.

Frozen Stars

~Frozen Stars~

A frozen breeze whispered in a feathery tune, darting around ferns in the gloom.

Carrying a speck of white, that grew stems of sparkling light.

As time went by, the flake flew so high.

Casting a small shadow of glinting white light.

Over a field, leaving screams of delight.

As the wind grew brisk, I was as flat as a disc.

My flat shape still glistening with beauty.

But I still had one more duty.

I drifted over flocks of geese.

bringing with me a long, cold peace.

Then I flew over some cattle.

They stood lined up as though ready for battle.

But as I whisked by in peace.

I gradually came to a cease.

And behind me you won’t believe,

Were many more of me for the ground to receive.

We flew on silently then stopped.

But as we grew heavy we dropped.

As we fell down with grace,

We heard many more shouts,

Each laced with honeyed joy.

And at last came the final step of our journey.

When we at last hit the ground,

or the tops of trees huddled in mounds.

Most of our stems were broken,

and all of us knew at that moment.

That we’ve hit the end of our journey.

And there we sat peacefully all night,

glowing in the moon’s light.

Like glistening Frozen Stars…..


Question 2!

Your patent has had a long journey, she has a deep scratch on her flank that could turn nasty. She has an infected paw with a thorn burrowed deep in and puss surrounding it. Her other pads are grazed and sore. Not to mention that the poor thing is exusted! What do you think could help?

The answer to Question 1

I would get the injured patent in a cool quiet place as fast as possible so I can treat him in peace, the first thing to do is apply a poultice of crushed up marigold petals and lick it onto the wound to stop infection. Then apply a tick layer of cobwebs to ease the bleeding, I would give him one poppy seed so he can sleep through the pain but only one if the patent is really hurt, you want him at his wits. After dressing his deepest scratches (his poor ears too!) you can leave your patent to rest but keep a sharp cat eye on him!