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An unsolved mystery well for now……..

Im working on it…..

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Can you SolveĀ it?


Which cat is your favorite???

Hi! šŸ™‚ I thought I’d add a who’s your favorite cat poll! The cats in this poll are from the newest warrior cat series: Dawn Of The Clans! The first two books, I have to say aren’t as exciting as I thought they would be but they are essential to the story line, but the ending…. Horrible….. SoĀ disappointing THE WORST ENDING IN THE HISTORY OF ENDINGS!!!! Okay… Spoiler cut BEWARE!



*******SPOILER ALLERT********



First of all why in the world did they say that Grey Wing the wise came up with every battle move there is for all the clans?????!?!?!?!?! He was so weak with his smoke damaged lungs! HeĀ couldn’tĀ even chase a rabbit across the moor! How in the world was he able to come up with the complex battle moves used by all the clans?! Ā His death in A Path of Stars was the worst!Ā He was one of myĀ favoriteĀ characters!!!!!! Ā And Turtle tail, Bright stream, Moon shadow (Poor Sun shadow!) Shaded moss AND Storm AND Thunder’s littermates!!!!! (Not all of them are my favorite, I just was disappointed that they were unfairly killed!!!) How could they?! SoĀ antagonizing! šŸ˜” šŸ˜” šŸ˜” šŸ˜” Anyway…. poll time!





There you go! šŸ™‚ Choose well!

PS: I hope none of you think I hate Grey Wing, like I said he is one of my best! (My best cat is Tall shadow!!!!) SHE IS AWESOME! Ā šŸ˜€ Bye!!!!


Thanks for voting! šŸ™‚ šŸ˜‰


Clear Sky

Clear sky: First SkyClan leader


The First battle


Tall shadow: First ShadowClan leader




Thunder: The first ThunderClan leader


River Ripple

River Ripple: First leader of RiverClan


Wind runner


Wind runner: The first leader of WindClan




Grey wing: Ā Once a leader of WindClan, lost position when The Great Fire damaged his lungs.

~ Skyheart’s Welcome~

Greetings, I am Skyheart, welcome to the medicine den! What’s that? You have come to learn about herbs and their uses? Well you Ā certainlyĀ came to the right place! Come we have much to learn!

Now let’s start with the most basic of herbs, Marigold! It is the best herb for infected wounds or to prevent the infection of wounds-No, no! that not Marigold, that’s Yarrow! See? Yarrow is used for making you sick, itĀ expels poison. If you put that on some cats scratch, you’d get your ears clawed! If I don’t get to you first!

Now this is how you use the herb, you bite off the leaves and petals and chew them up into a poultice. Then you apply the poultice to the wound, but make sure to give it a good lick first! Marigold also stops bleeding and can be used to sooth the elders stiff joints.

let’s move on to juniper, this herb is used for soothing belly aches mostly, but it can be used to give strength and help the elders’ breathing after a climb up the highledge. Juniper is one of the herbs used in our traveling herbs. What color are they? They are purple-blue berries and their leaves are like rose marry leaves.

Are you getting bored? I hope not! Now let’s move on to the next herb!

Horsetail is similar to Marigold it has the same uses but Marigold is stronger and moreĀ efficient. We only use this herb when Marigold isn’tĀ available.

Now one of my favoriteĀ medicines! Honey, theĀ apprenticesĀ just love it! It a warm soothing herb that is used to sooth smoked throats. No! youĀ certainlyĀ can’t have some! Its leafbare! Oh cheer up Newleaf is on its way there’ll be plenty of honey then I’m sure the apprentices will share.

Where were we? Oh yes poppy seeds, the most common ofĀ medicines!Ā I’mĀ sure Mothwing’s got some in her herb store! They are used to dull pain or to send your patientĀ to sleep so you can work on their wounds. Ā These seeds are so small here you pick them up by dabbing your paw in some water, just shake off the extra!

Well I think that enough herbs for today we’ll go over some more another time. I’ll see you at Halfmoon Willowpaw!

Professional art? XD

Lol! Well I dont know about professional! But not bad if I do say so myself!


Tadah! I present to you Pumpkin the royal pose! Tell me if you want to see more of Pumpkin’s photo art! (I might have started a new career!). Bye!!!!!

Copyright Bushra Alkhatib 10:33 AM Tuesday.

Warrior Cats Top Trumps!

Yep thats right! Warrior cats Top Trumps!!! The dream of every warrior cats fan out there! šŸ˜€ Awesome eh? Here’s a pic!


And of course Firestar is the Top Trump! šŸ™‚ If your woundering how I did this easy! I made a template and added the info on the back and the classic Top Trumps front.

So that’s the warrior cats top trumps! See ya guys!


Copyright Bushra Alkhatib