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Ah yes the infamous page 250. Well actually pages 250 to page 253… Those where the saddest pages I read yet. The words never cease to fill my eyes tears….



IT’S OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep you heard err… Read right! Actually it was out 6 days ago…. But who cares? It’s out!!!! 🙂 I am currently awaiting my copy, so exciting! 😀 Actually time could NOT be slower… JD said he’s real proud of how it ends, well, we’ll see! 😉

I read Gunner Skale the other day and wow am I wowed! A thrilling 20 minuets -that’s how long it took to finish it- of pure  Gunner Skale awesomeness!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 Readers get to find out who created The Mortality Doctrine and how Kaine stole it. It also sheds some light on Gunner Skale’s life style and we get a thrilling chapter of him being awesome in the VirtNet! And by awesome I mean him defeating Demonhatch from Plague!!!   That. was. AMAZING!

Anyway that was all See ya!


What happened to Michael, Sarah and Bryson after being broken out of jail???


Dun dun duuuunn!!!