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Yup I finished reading The Game Of Lives!!!! 😀 It was as expected, killer awesome!!!! There is a HUGE plot twist in there, that I wasn’t expecting at all. I’d tell you, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise. 😛 Your gonna have to read the epic novel yourself! But I’ll tell ya this, if I were to summarize this book in 3 words they’d be:

3.Beyond Awesome

Well I guess the last one has two words… But never mind that. See ya!

P.S: Who saw The Maze Runner easter eggs?!?!? Haha that was slick! Nice one James!!! Here they are ya didn’t see em! (which no doubt you have).



(I used a lense blurr to “highlight” it!)


Inspiration Manifestation  

In this post I’ll tell you how I come up with my poems! 😀

So it starts as The title, always the title and then I build the poems structure in my head. So a random title pops in my head and right away I build the first line. The beginning line has to be catchy, warm but in most cases it ends up sinister. 😛 in the end it all depends on the poems tone.

So once I have my first line I just try to come up with the rhythm and make a rough draft of the poem in my head. When I got the rough copy of the poem I get straight to writing and editing it!

The poem may be based on real life experiences and emotions, or just my imagination. Some of my poems are about the seasons, some of them even come from just looking at a picture! It depends on how the poem idea manifests itself, you know?

Well that’s all for now, I’ll see you when I post the next poem! It’ll be something about the sea I think….

~The End~

~The End~


The End is near,

I see it clear.

Full of fear,

Those shadows that near.

Our darkest hour,

We’ll have no power.

We’ll be alone,

Hearing the moans.

Certain death awaits,

But who knows the true fate.

All we can do it wait,

Seeing the weak perish in the gloom.

Their unknown killer spells certain doom,

Their bones cracking beneath our bare feet.

Send shivers of fear and spread our defeat,

Those agonizing moans, of the dying and the starving.

Seem to echo forever in the vast walls of the caves,

Though now they seem as though they were graves.

Are decline picking up speed,

Now all we could do was plead.

To the only one who can hear,

For our End is Near……