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The Crashing Waves

~The Crashing Waves~

I hear a scream,

I feel the sun’s beams.

By the sea I wait,

As He nears the gate.

He took the bait,

Pulling out my blade.

Sliding on my shades,

Laughing at his nervous gait.

Relishing the ocean’s refreshing spray,

As He nears I see his fear.

Grinning I strike,

Running as though I was taking flight.

He screams and turns to run,

But stops as he hears the cock of a gun.

He freezes at once,

Fuming I slash out.

feeling the fury sprout,

I hear the blow connect.

Knowing what to expect,

I spin to a stop.

Hearing my blade drop,

I grab it and see.

The blood on the steel,

I drop to kneel.

And feel the shame,

fearing what I became.

I turned to run,

Toward the setting sun.

A ball of red fire,

Then the tears came.

I ran away from my fears and last heard,

The crashing waves…..