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I see your smile,

I feel it’s shine.

I feel the danger I know the signs,

The warm glow of love.

That I long to be free of,

It has me trapped it has me wrapped.

It’s folds kept close it’s unopposed,

It has me in it’s hook.

If I pull it out It destroys me,

If I leave it in it deceives me.

I see the smile,

I wonder a while.

I bask in it’s warmth I feel it’s power,

I stall for a moment refuse to cower.

I feel something bloom inside,

I struggle to free myself from my pride.

I see the smile one more time,

It’s shine so divine as I stare wide eyed.

I know it has me then oh I know,

And I feel the fight leaving me slow.

I feel a happiness replace it instead,

I feel the warmth as It spreads.

And I smile….


Copyright Bushra Alkhatib 1/13/2017






Hi guys! Short post….
Happiness can be found… Even in the darkest of times… If one only remembers to turn on the light…

One of my favorite quotes 🙂