Answer to my Riddle

The answer to my riddle that I posted on Wednesday:

Answer me this:

What is Death? The beginning of The Beginning? Or the end of The End?

Scroll down for the answer!

Death is both the beginning of the Beginning, and the end of The End.
Death is the beginning of the Beginning: The Beginning being the new chapter of your life aka The Afterlife, and Death is the end of The End: The End being the end of your old life aka the life you are living right now.
I  know it seems like I talk about Death and pain and all those other morbid things a lot, but it fascinates me, the idea that this world is only temporary, and that one day the other world will be revealed. Its like we’re behind this great big veil, that will one day reveal something no experienced or talanted author can think of or imagine. Kinda hard to wrap your head around I know! 😉

Yeah I know this is pretty deep stuff I’m thinking of over here, but it’s just been on my mind lately… Plus it makes for good poetry! 😝

Anyway sorry to kill happy time for ya! 😜 But hey I’ll make up for it! I’m currently writing a poem about normalcy- another deep topic!- nothing solid yet mind you, its a working progress…

Until next time! 

Don’t forget to be Awesome! 


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