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I won Signed Maze Runner Poster!

Hi! So a lot has happened since I last posted, let me try and fill you in!

So the first of all, I SAW THE DEATH CURE IN IMAX 3D!!! It was AWESOME!!! It truly was worth the 3 year wait!!! It wastes no time grabbing you in to the action with a high speed train chase scene! That these was one of my favorite scenes! The movie is just full of non stop action and it has some humor thrown in! But towards the end it starts getting serious and expect some bigtime tears! (i cried so much at the end and I’m not even embarrassed lol its an emotional one) the acting is SPOT ON! Dylan Kaya and Thomas really make you FEEL everything! There is genuine heart break on their faces but I wont spoil! I truly loved this movie and I hope you decide to watch it! Trust me it’s worth it!


Alright next is… I turned 16!!! This was after I saw The Death Cure in January, and I couldn’t be more excited! Though I have to admit I still feel the exact same lol I dont think I changed one bit ūüėõ


Annnnd last but not least! The #CherryonaBIGcake! Drum roll please for one of the best thing to ever happen in my life!







I know right?!? How awesome is this?? It’s signed by Dylan O’Brien, Kaya¬†Scodelario,¬†Thomas Brodie-Sangster¬†and the one and only¬†Wes Ball!¬†Director of the Maze Runner movies!!!¬†¬†I won it on a twitter contest! There were 20 available posters, I had no idea I would win! My heart practically leaped out of my throat when I saw the DM lool


Anyways that’s about it! Hope you enjoyed! I’ll see ya later!