Chapter 1


Sitka paced lashing is tail in agitation. Sitka was king of a kingdom and was a tiger who was proud of his golden coat, and only let the best groomers in the kingdom groom it.
‘who will groom my golden coat now?’ he growled. Sitka called his advisor Arion. ‘Arion!’ roared Sitka ‘yes your highness’ said Arion a white panther with dark, icy blue eyes. ‘I need a groomer and I need him now!’ Sitka’s voice thundered. ‘but they have all fallen ill your highness’ said Arion calmly. ‘I don’t care!’ Sitka spat ‘get them out of bed and drag hem if you have to!’ he yowled ‘but your highness you might catch their sickness if they come near you’ Arion explained. Sitka narrowed his eyes. ‘your right Arion’ he said at last ‘I must find new groomers’ he hissed.

Arion bolted throught the castle doors. ‘I must see Tannar’ he thought. ‘he will help me’. Tannar was Arion’s best friend, they had known each other since they were kits.

About an hour later Arion came charging through the castle doors once again. ‘where is the groomer?’ Sitka growled. ‘right here your highness’ said a light brown lynx bowing. Sitka glanced at the lynx. ‘I was told you can groom my golden coat’ he said ‘if you do a good job I shall reward you with one thousand gold pieces,but if you fail you will be imprisoned’ he growled. The lynx looked doubtful he glanced at Arion he nodded. The lynx took a deep breath ‘yes I will be honoured to groom your golden coat your highness’ said the lynx. ‘excellent!’ Sitka roared and with that he leaped down from his magnificent thrown and walked over to his grooming chair. He sat down and pointed his tail to a small chair next to his. The lynx gulped and padded to where Sitka was sitting. ‘you will use these oils and brushes’ said Sitka pointing to a basket. ‘you may begin’ said Sitka. The lynx was shivering he took a deep breath then grabbed the oils rubbing them in expertly and smoothly. And in about half an hour he gasped. His paws shook and he drooped the bottle of golden oil on the ground. ‘is something wrong?’ Sitka asked. The lynx froze ‘ said is something wrong?’ Sitka growled impatiently but before the lynx could utter a word Arion screamed. ‘your highness what happened to your golden coat?’ he screamed ‘some one fetch me a mirror!’ Sitka yowled Arion gulped and rolled a mirror to Sitka. Sitka looked into it and gasped. His fur was covered in black marks and paw prints. ‘what have you done?!’ Sitka screamed. ‘You ruined my golden coat!’ The lynx was shivering he dropped the brush he was using on the floor. ‘GUARDS!’ Sitka called ‘Arion call the guards NOW!’ he said scrambling off him seat in fury. Arion looked at his friend and bowed his head. ‘ I am sorry my friend but I must obey my kings orders’ Arion whispered. Arion charged towards the castle doors and yowled. ‘GUARDS!’ ‘KING SITKA WANTS YOU AT ONCE!’ Arion yowled. Almost instantly five big guards bolted through the doors, and ran to Sitka. ‘Yes your highness’ said the biggest but he froze when he saw Sitka’s fur. ‘This fellow here has messed my golden coat’ Sitka growled ‘I want you to throw him in jail this instant!’ Sitka beard his fangs. The Guard narrowed his eyes and ordered the other guards to take the shivering lynx. The lynx howled. ‘howl all you like!’ Sitka spat ‘ you wont be seeing the outside world for a while!’.

chapter 2

no hope

Dripping water echoed making the lynx shiver. He was in a prison under the king’s castle. ‘Sitka’ The lynx growled through clenched teeth. Scraping his claws against the stony floor. ‘him and his stupid fur coat!’the lynx hissed. ‘Why did I agree to come and groom it anyway?’ he growled to him self. ‘because you have a hollow head!’ a sharp voice spat. The lynx gasped. There standing in front of him was his mate Tasha and his two kits Leaf and Cloud. ‘Dad!’ cried Leaf racing towards the lynx. The lynx looked at his mate sheepishly. ‘what have you done?!’ she cried . The lynx sighed ‘I thought it would be simple’ he said. ‘you thought?’ Tasha spat ‘you thought wrong to groom that selfish fish brain!’ she growled ‘but we were desperate’ the lynx protested. The pale gray she cat sighed. ‘now that you are in prison we will be even more desperate Tanar’ she whispered. Tanar looked up his eyes filled with determination I will get out of here, and I will find a way to get money’ he promised Tasha looked doubtful. ‘Why is dad in this place?’ asked Leaf ‘yeah!’ mewed Cloud Tanar looked at his kits pain filling his eyes. ‘I will be home soon’ he mewed licking each kit between his ears. ‘you should go now’ Tanar whispered. Tasha nodded grimly. come on you two let’s go home now’ she mewed ‘why isn’t dad coming?’ Leaf wailed. ‘Dad wont be home for a while’ Tasha meowed sadly. ‘I want to stay with him here!’ Cloud cried. Tasha sighed ‘come on you two we have to get home its getting dark’ She meowed.

Sitka paced to and fro, unsheathing his long claws allowing them to scrape the stone floor beneath his paws. Arion watched him with a cool and calm expression. “Your groomers will be here any moment your highness” he said calmly. Sitka stopped pacing and stared at Arion with narrowed eyes. ‘How do I know that they wont make my pelt worse?’ he growled. Arion looked stared back at Sitka with icy unblinking blue eyes. “Your highness you know as well as I that your groomers have never messed up your pelt’ ‘and they never shall’ he said. Sitka blinked ‘Well I suppose your right’ he admitted. ‘Then you have nothing to worry about’ Arion soothed. ‘ he will make a good leader after i pass away’ Sitka thought admiringly. Just then a knock sounded on the big castle doors and in came the groomers. Two black Panthers and a leopard, they entered the castle and bowed their heads in greeting to Arion and Sitka. ‘greetings king Sitka” said the leopard bowing his head, and the two panthers repeated his greeting and bowed their heads too. Sitka acknowledged their greeting with a quick nod. “greetings to you to my loyal subjects’ said Sitka. The leopard stepped forward ‘shall we begin your majesty?’ Sitka purred then nodded his head. then turned to the two guards who escorted the groomers. ‘you may leave us” he said with a nod. The guards dipped their heads and padded towards the castle doors. one of the guards stopped. “your majesty should we feed the lynx Tanar?” he asked. Sitka narrowed his eyes.”No”.

Tannar’s belly rumbled, he clenched his teeth in pain. ‘will this ever end?’ he sighed. He lost track of the outside world, he couldn’t even tell if it was night or day. He explored the pitifully small underground room and had found that there was no way we could escape. ‘Sitka must have sealed off all the holes’ Tannar growled then jumped at the creek of the dungeon door. Tannar craned his neck to see Arion padding towards him with a plump pigeon clamped in his jaws. Tannar’s belly growled, his jaws parted as the pigeon’s sent wafted over him. He glanced at Arion curling his lip. ‘Have you come to torture me with that pigeon?’ he snarled. Arion’s blue eyes sparkled with amusement. ‘And why would I do such a thing to my best friend?’ he purred. Tannar stared at him still suspicious. Arion pushed the pigeon towards Tannar with a paw. ‘Thought you might be hungry’ he confessed Tannar looked at him in surprise. ‘but Sitka told the guards not to feed me’ He said still eyeing the pigeon hungrily. Arion rolled his eyes. ‘just eat the pigeon before any guards come’ Arion said pushing the pigeon through the metal
bars that stretched out toward the ceiling. Tannar bent down to sniff the pigeon before wolfing it down with ravenous bites. When he finished, he licked a paw and drew it over his face. Arion sat down, his eyes glowing with sympathy for his imprisoned friend. Tannar looked back at Arion, his eyes full of pain. ‘I tried asking Sitka to let you go but he wouldn’t agree’ Arion muttered. Tannar blinked at Arion gratefully. ‘Thank you’ he said bending forward to lick Arion’s ear. Arion licked Tannar’s ear then stood up. ‘I guess I should get back before one of the guards come’ ‘Oh and you’d better pass those pigeon remains’ Arion said. Tannar flicked the pigeon feathers and bones thought the bars of the cell and Arion scooped them up in his jaws. ‘See you tomorrow, Tannar he said through his mouth full of feathers and bones. Tannar murmured his farewells before retreating to the back of the cell.

Arion padded out of the dungeon the remains of the pigeon still in his jaws. He had avoided the guards and was heading out of the castle and into a forest, were he dug a hole and dropped the pigeon remains. the forest was alive with mice and squirrels, but be wasn’t hungry instead he headed to ward white stone village one of the many villages in the vast kingdom. As he neared the village, he put on his hooded cape and made for the village gates. He headed for White stone village clearing were cats mingle after their days work and gossip. Arion padded to the white stones that stood in the heart of the village, the white stones were the best place in the village for cats to sun. the big white stones are what gave the village its name. Arion sat on one of the big white stones and scanned the clearing curiously he spotted a few panthers and lionesses chatting a few spaces away. he angled his ears towards them and began to make out a few of their words. ‘have you heard what happened in king Sitka’s castle a few day ago?’ said a gray tom panther. ‘oh yes’ said a black she-panther chuckling. ‘they say a lynx called Tannar was grooming his golden pelt, and when he finished Sitka’s pelt was covered in jet black stripes!’ she said ‘Your right blackbird!’ said a ginger and white lioness. ‘ I’ve heard the same tale!’ she purred. ‘and apparently Sitka has thrown him in prison!’ the lioness said. ‘oh that’s dreadful!’ said The black she-panther, and the other cats murmured their agreement. ‘Cats say that he has a mate and two kits’ a old gray tom rasped. The cats instantly bristled in shock. “oh the poor things!’ cried a pure white she-panther. The old cat nodded ‘yes Perl they must be miserable!’ the elder tom panther crocked. Arion wondered how the news leaked out, but then shook it off. one of the guards must have leaked the news to the cats who brought supplies to the castle he thought. just then the gossiping cats yawned, called their farewells and made for their dens. Arion looked up at the sky. ‘It’s getting towards sunset’ he thought. ‘I’d better head back’.

Chapter 3

The village

Dawn light crept through the sheltering ferns and brambles, waking Arion. He blinked open his eyes and yawned. He had stayed the night in White Stone Village. The villagers were welcoming and friendly, but Arion wanted to keep his distance, since they knew not of his status. He wanted to observe the reaction of the villagers when they heard of what happened in Sitka’s castle. ‘So far so good’ he thought. He got up and stretched, then the scent of squirrel flooded over him. He got to his paws and stalked quietly through the undergrowth avoiding dry leaves and brambles that stood in his way. When he got within a rabbit’s length away of the squirrel he leapt, and landed squarely on the squirrel’s back, then killed it swiftly with a lightning fast bite on the neck. He devoured his catch with a few rapid bites, then swiped his tongue over his mouth. ‘Tannar must be hungry’ he thought guiltily. ‘I must bring back something for him’. It had been three sunrises since he had left Sitka’s castle, Sitka had given him three days off and was expecting him to be back at sun high today. Arion headed toward White Stone Village gate and charged through the forest wanting to get back early so he can have some time with Tannar. ‘It’s my fault that he is in prison’ Arion said bitterly. Why did I tell Sitka that he could groom his coat?. When Tannar was put in prison, he had sneaked in and apologised to him but Tannar had insisted that it was not his fault. Arion hisses to himself. ‘Of course it was my fault!’ he hissed. ‘If I hadn’t told him he wouldn’t have gone!’ he growled. I will never forgive myself for what I have done’ he vowed.

Arion padded into the dungeon with a rabbit in his jaws. He walked towards Tannar’s cell and dropped it to the ground. ‘Tannar?’ he whispered ‘Tannar’ ‘ I brought a rabbit for you’ he said. But nothing stirred in the cell. ‘Tannar?’ he said again. but only silence greeted him. Arion was about to call again when a voice sliced through the silence. “Arion!’ the voice whispered loudly. ‘Tannar?’ Arion said. ‘Are you there?’. ‘Can you see me?’ His voice echoed again. Arion scanned the cell carefully but couldn’t see anyone. ‘No’ Arion replied. The voice gave a delighted purr, then a dark shape swooped down from the ceiling. ‘Tannar!’ Arion exclaimed happily. ‘How-‘. ‘I had the best idea!’ Tannar interrupted him. ‘I will wait for a guard to come’ he began. ‘then when he comes I will hide up there’ he said pointing his tail to the ceiling. Arion nodded thoughtfully ‘that’s a good idea’ Arion said approvingly. ‘yes’ Tannar said proudly. ‘Then when the guard checks the cell and sees it empty he will get the keys and open the cell!’ said Tannar excitedly. ‘That’s when I will swoop down, knock the breath out of him and charge out of the cell!’ he finished. Arion nodded. ‘and I will guide you out of the castle and out into the forest!’ Arion said Tannar gave a loud purr and licked Arion’s shoulder. ‘I couldnt have a better friend’ Tannar whispered. Arion purred and licked Tannar in return ‘from the moment I saw you in the play ground when we were kits to now, I will alway trust you with my life’ Arion whispered. ‘I will always trust you with my life’ Tannar echoed. ‘Always’.

Arion stood outside Tannar’s prison cell, digging his claws in the stone with anticipation. ‘ready?’ Arion whispered. ‘ready’ Tannar growled. Just then the dungeon door swung open and a guard stalked in carrying a mouthful of grass in is jaws. Arion leaped into a shadowy corner and gazed at the guard through narrowed eyes. ‘ this is it’ he thought. The guard dropped the grass and peered into the cell. ‘Tannar?’ ‘Tannar this is for you!’ he growled. Arion clenched his teeth in frustration. ‘grass?’ ‘is Sitka mad?’. The guard scanned the cage again his eyes widening in panic. He opened his bag and pulled out a key. ‘yes!’ Arion thought with triumph. ‘he fell for it!’. The guard pushed the key into the keyhole hen turned it slowly. The cell door swung open with a creek, and The guard entered slowly. ‘Now!’ Arion thought excitedly. as if heard him Tannar sheathed his claws, swooped down from the ceiling then landed neatly on the guards shoulders. The guard fell to the ground with a yowl,as Tannar flung his body weight on him. Then as quick as a snake Tannar slashed his claws across his face and dug is fangs into his neck. The guard struggled but Tannar’s jaws were too deep in his neck, his body slowly went limp and the light died away from his eyes. Tannar let go of The guard’s dead body and raced for the open cell door. ‘You did it!’ Arion purred. Tannar raised is head his eyes blazing with determination. ‘come on let’s get out of here’ he growled.

Chapter 4


‘quickly!’ Arion hissed. ‘guards will be swarming through this place at any moment!’ he growled. Tannar panted as he raced after his freind for freedom. ‘how far till we reach castle’s back gate?’ Tannar rasped. Arion ran his eyes over the endless manor that stretched out before him, narrowing his eyes in deep concentration. ‘we should be there in a few minutes’ Arion said. Tannar nodded in reply. ‘where will we go once we are out of the castle?’ Tannar said nervously. ‘I thought we could hide in the nearest forest and wait till its safe to travel’ Arion said. ‘we?’ Tannar echoed in surprise. ‘did you think I would leave my best freind alone in a forest with guards streaming every were?’ Arion said is surprise. Tannar smiled warmly. ‘I-‘ Tannar’s voice trailed away and his eyes widend. ‘look!’ he exclaimed excitedly. ‘We are almost there!’ Arion nodded in equal excitement. The two freinds raced till they spotted the door Arion had wedged open with a stick. ‘quick!’ Arion growled. ‘I can hear the guards approaching’ Tannar pulled the stick out and yanked open the door then slipped out into the out side world. Arion heard a gasp as he followed Tannar out of the manor. Tannar was gazing at the full moon, his eyes stretched wide. ‘I forgot how beutiful the moon was’ Tannar breathed. Arion glanced at his awestricken freind and purred. ‘come on there is still a long way to go till we can rest’ he murmured. Tannar peeled his eyes away from the full moon with a sigh ‘lets go’.

Arion padded beside Tannar his eyes as wide as the moon above them. ‘I wonder how Tasha and my kits are’ he sighed. ‘I know what your thinking Tannar’ Arion said ‘but you know you cant go to any villages yet’. Tannar sighed. ‘I know’ he whispered. Arion licked his friend’s ear in sympathy. ‘come on let’s hunt’ Tannar nodded before leaping into the undergrowth. Arion pricked his ears. swinging them around till he heard a rabbit nibbeling on a blade of grass. he dropped into a crouch a prowled silently towards the unsuspecting rabbit. when he became with in a tail’s length away from it he sprang, knocking the rabbit to the forest floor then sinking his fangs into the it’s throat not letting go till its body went limp. Arion picked up his pray and carring it off to the nests he and Tannar made. A few leaves quivered and Tannar emerged a vole in his jaws. He set down his catch and sat beside Tannar. ‘Its been a while since my belly was full’ he murmured. ‘you dont have to wory about it any more’ Arion insisted. Tannar gazed at the star filled sky. ‘I wounder if I will ever see Tasha again’ he whispered.

‘What do you mean he escaped?’ Sitka growled. The guard gulped. ‘when one of the guards went to take his turn to guard the lynx Tannar-‘ ‘Dont say the cursed name in my presence!’ Sitka roared. The guard flinched. ‘go on’ Sitka hissed. ‘o-one of the guards went to guard the prisoner but when he got there, he found one of your guards drowned in a pool of his own blood, and the cell’s door wide open’ The guard said. ‘WHAT?!’ Sitka yowled. The guard flinched. ‘get out of my site all of you!’ Sitka hissed. The guard dashed out of the room thumbling,while the other two guards followed nervously. Sitka lashed his tail and stalked towards the giant window in the front of the room. ‘how could this happen?’ he raged. ‘the little rat killed one of my royal guards and got away!’ ‘but how?’ ‘he dosent know the castle well enough to-‘ he broke of as a thought creeped into his mind. He grinned. ‘guards!’ he called. instantly three guards darted into the room. Sitka nodded. ‘I have some thing for you to do’.

Chapter 5

The quest begins

Tannar padded through the boggy forest, his paws wet from walking in the peaty earth. He shook his paws angrily as they sunk into the marsh. He pulled himself out of the sucking mud and ran to a patch of wet grass untouched by the marsh. He was about to sit down when a shadow streaked through surrounding trees. He jumped, his neck fur bristling. ‘Who’s there?’ he growled. The figure whisked through the trees again. Tannar hissed and raced toward the dark shape, but the creature was fast – it raced further into the misty forest. Tannar unsheathed his claws and picked up speed, but the creature was still a tree’s length away. He carried on running, unaware of the trees thinning out until he tripped over a bramble vine. He hissed, then broke off as the creature padded towards him. He let out a threatening growl and unsheathed his claws. But the creature didn’t flinch, it held out a paw to Tannar. Tannar stared at the creature’s paw in confusion. He then took hold of it, heaving himself off the ground. He opened his mouth to speak but the creature raced away into the trees. Leaving Tannar alone in the misty clearing. ‘Who are you?” he yowled. He was surprised when a voice rasped. ‘my name in Lostspirit Tannar, go well we shall meet again’. Tannar gasped before slipping into unconsciousness.

Tannar woke up shaking his head. then leaped to his paws as his dream flooded over him. He sat down and rasped his tongue over his fur that was now in clumps. ‘Lostspirit’ he murmured. ‘who’s Lostspirit?’ Arion asked puzzled. Tannar jumped. ‘your as jumpy as a rabbit today!’ Arion purred. ‘Is there something bothering you?’ Tannar shook his head. ‘Just a dream’ he muttered. Arion licked his ear. ‘come on we are traveling to another forest today’ he said. Tannar pricked his ears. ‘another forest?’ he rasped. Arion nodded. Then narrowed his eyes. ‘unless your not fit to travel’ When Tannar leaped to his paws he laughed. ‘come on we have a long way a head of us’.

Arion and Tannar padded side by side, heads high and eyes blazing with determination. They had left the forest which they spent the night in and were heading to a forest far from civilization. Tannar turned his head to Arion. ‘How far is this forest?’ he asked. Arion blinked. ‘we shall be there by moonhigh tomorrow’ he replied. Tannar nodded thoughtfully. ‘I wonder if anyone lives there’ he murmured. Arion bristled. ‘let’s hope not’ he growled. Tannar gazed at Arion in confusion. ‘Is there something troubling you?’. Arion sighed. ‘ever since we left Sitka’s castle, I have been having nightmares’ he admitted. Tannar rested his tail on his freind’s shoulder. ‘why should you?’ Tannar asked gently. ‘I just want to get as far away from his castle as possible’ he growled. Tannar narrowed his eyes. ‘He’s not telling me everything’ he thought then shrugged. ‘I’m keeping a secret from him too’ he thought guiltily. Instantly his peculiar dream filled his mind, and Lostspirit’s voice echoed making him shiver. ‘Go well Tannar we shall meet again’.

Sitka’s commanding yowl rang out through the clearing, as he gave orders to his guards. ‘commander Stonefang!’ he growled. ‘yes your highness’ said a muscluar black leopard stalking forward. ‘You will lead the army along side me, then we shall split at the first forest, were The army will be split in two, you will lead the north army and I will lead the south army’ he rasped. Stonefang nodded. ‘as you wish your majesty’ Stonefang said bowing. Sitka nodded briskly. ‘We attack at sunrise tomorrow he went on’ Stonefang nodded. ‘and we will be ready for your command’ he growled.

Chapter 6

The Attack

‘My name is Lostspirit. Go well, Tannar, we shall meet again’. Lostspirit’s words haunted Tannar day and night. ‘Where are you?’, Tannar wailed. ‘Go well, go well’, Lostspirit’s words echoed. ‘Show me where you are!’, he yowled. As if in reply, Lostspirit’s voice echoed yet again. ‘We shall meet again, again’.

‘We are ready to attack, your majesty’, Stonefang growled. ‘Good’, Sitka rasped. Stonefang narrowed his eyes. ‘You don’t look battle fit, your highness. Maybe you should let me lead the armies’. ‘No, Stonefang. I appreciate your loyalty but I must lead the south army’ Sitka growled. Stonefang bowed. ‘As you wish, your highness’. Sitka leapt on to a rock and yowled. ‘Gather round, my army! Today we will launch the attack’ he yowled. At once, leopards, panthers, jaguars and tigers gathered around Sitka. Sitka nodded. ‘Stonefang will lead the north army’ he growled. ‘And I shall lead the south army!’. Stonefang nodded. ‘We leave at once!’ Sitka roared.

‘My name is Lostspirit. Go well, Tannar, we shall meet again’. Lostspirit’s words haunted Tannar day and night. ‘Where are you?’, Tannar wailed. ‘Go well, go well’, Lostspirit’s words echoed. ‘Show me where you are!’, he yowled. As if in reply, Lostspirit’s voice echoed yet again. ‘We shall meet again, again’.

‘We are ready to attack, your majesty’, Stonefang growled. ‘Good’, Sitka rasped. Stonefang narrowed his eyes. ‘You don’t look battle fit, your highness. Maybe you should let me lead the armies’. ‘No, Stonefang. I appreciate your loyalty but I must lead the south army’ Sitka growled. Stonefang bowed. ‘As you wish, your highness’. Sitka leapt on to a rock and yowled. ‘Gather round, my army! Today we will launch the attack’ he yowled. At once, leopards, panthers, jaguars and tigers gathered around Sitka. Sitka nodded. ‘Stonefang will lead the north army’ he growled. ‘And I shall lead the south army!’. Stonefang nodded. ‘We leave at once!’ Sitka roared.

Tannar shivered. No bird song drifted through the air, and no prey raced about collecting food for winter. ‘Somethings wrong’ he thought. ‘Very wrong’. He turned to Arion who was bristling. ‘Something’s not right’ He muttered. Arion nodded. ‘I can feel it in the air’ he growled, unsheathing his claws. Tannar looked up at the cloud-filled sky. ‘A storm is brewing, a storm that will be remembered forever’. Arion stiffened. ‘What’s wrong?’ Tannar asked. ‘That scent!’ he gasped. Tannar parted his jaws, his eyes widened at the scent that hit him’. ‘He’s coming’ Arion growled. ‘Sitka’s coming’.

Tannar gasped in horror as he drew in the scent of his enemy. ‘how did he find us?’ he choked. He froze when a voice replied. ‘I have my ways’. Arion and Tannar whipped around gaping. ‘whats the matter?’ ‘did you really think you could run away forever?’ the voice sneered. Arion narrowed his eyes and growled. ‘what do you want Sitka?’ he spat. Sitka blinked innocently. ‘why I just wanted to visit my loyal advisor’ he smirked. ‘I am not your advisor!’ Arion spat furiously. ‘not after what you did to Tannar!’. ‘After what I did to Tannar?’ Sitka exclaimed his eyes widening in mock surprise. Arion thrust his face into Sitka’s. ‘Leave us alone or I’ll kill you’ he hissed. As soon as the words left Arion’s mouth, Sitka unsheathed his claws and slashed them across Arion’s face. Arion reared back in surprise yelping. ‘watch you tongue’ Sitka growled. Arion’s eyes blazed with fury. ‘and watch your temper’ Sitka added with a mocking sneer. Arion lunged at Sitka snarling, but Sitka ducked, racking his claws Arion’s side as he passed. Arion flinched his eyes burning with pure hatred. ‘since when did you fight?’ he snarled. ‘since you betrayed me and let that creature out of prison!’ Sitka snapped. Arion lashed his tail in and growled. ‘That creature in my friend!’ he yowled lunging at Sitka. Sitka darted out of the way, then lunged at Arion the moment he hit the ground. But Arion was prepared, he spun around as Sitka flew at him unsheathed his claws and slashed them across Sitka’s face. Sitka flinched narrowing his eyes in fury. ‘enough of this!’ he snarled ‘Attack!’ he roared. Instantly leopards, lions, tigers and cougars leaped out of the bushes snarling. Arion froze. ‘What’s the matter Arion?’ Sitka sneered. ‘cant take on my army?’ he mocked. Arion’s eyes were chips of ice. ‘Is this the best you can do?’ he challenged. ‘let your army do the work for you because your too scared of loosing you precious life?’ he snarled Spilling out al his fury. Sitka narrowed his eyes in fury. ‘how dare you say this to me?’ he hissed. Arion snorted ‘your pathetic, I wonder how you ever made it to being king of the kingdom’. ‘I wonder why I let you survive this long’ Sitka hissed. ‘I wonder why I was ever your advisor’ Arion retorted. Sitka narrowed his eyes ‘you have the spirit of my father’ he growled. Tannar glanced in surprise at Sitka. ‘what does he mean by his father?’ Tannar wondered. ‘enough games’ Arion hissed. Sitka rolled his eyes. ‘your the one putting off the inevitable’ Sitka growled. ‘you’ll die any way’. ‘Then try’ Arion said calmly. Sitka grinned. ‘your choice’ he snarled leaping on Arion. The two fought locked in a vicious battle between life and death. ‘Do you think you can beat me?’ Sitka Spat. ‘I have my army all around me!’ he growled. ‘you depend too much on your army!’ he spat. ‘that’s your weak spot’. Sitka’s only reply was a snarl, as he was pinned down by Arion. ‘Do you think you can kill me?’ Sitka hissed. Arion dug his claws into Sitka’s shoulder. ‘I can if I need to’ he growled. ‘but I’m not a evil as you think!’ he hissed. ‘and thats your weak spot’ Sitka sneered. Arion growled. Slashing Sitka’s cheek. ‘watch your tongue’ Arion sneered. Sitka’s eyes blazed with fire. ‘you!-” Sitka thrust Arion off of him giving himself a shake. ‘oh and sorry about your coat’ Arion smirked. Sitka unsheathed his claws and prepared to leap on Arion but he froze. He stood there eyes betraying surprise. ‘h-how?!’ he stammered. Tannar followed his gaze his eyes too widening in astonishment. ‘Lostspirit!’ Tannar exclaimed. Arion fixed Tannar with a questioning gaze. He opened his mouth but The mystirious cat started to speak. ‘Tannar you must head to the forest’ he rasped. Sitka gasped. ‘It really is you!’ he exclaimed in astonishment. ‘You’r- you’r supposed to be dead!’ he yowled angrily. Lostspirit blinked calmly at Sitka. ‘I am’ he rasped. ‘b-but how?!’ Sitka snarled. Lostspirit turned to Tannar. ‘you must go’ he crocked. ‘I will meet you at the next forest’ he rasped. Tannar nodded, turning to Arion who was still frozed with shock. ‘We have to get out of here’ Tannar growled. Arion shook his head in bewilderment and nodded. ‘lets go’ he growled. ‘Wait a minute’ Sitka growled ‘I’m not done with you yet’ he snarled. ‘Oh yes you are’ Lostspirit growled. Sitka turned around to face Lostspirit with a glare. ‘And who’s going to stop me?’ he sneered. Lostspirit narrowed him eyes as Sitka continued. ‘I killed you before and I will kill you again’ he growled. ‘Its clear that you havent changed’ Lostspirit remarked. Sitka snorted ‘oh nothing has changed father, nothing has changed’.

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