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Dream Diary #2

Howdy yall! How’s your fasting going? Mine’s going great! I’m pretty surprised how easy I’m finding it, I was dreading my first day and whatdya know? It was easy as apple pie! (MA)😊The only time where it was a little tricky was when I felt a little weak and light headed at the end but that’s a minor inconvinience for me lol. Hey guess what? I just had yet ANOTHER ridiculous, awesome and hilarious dream! I cannot wait to tell you about it so let’s get this show on the road! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ƒ



It started by me booking a room in this hotel… I remember it costed like $20 or something LOL cheapest room ever- and it was decent! I mean its not what you would call a 5 star hotel… maybe a 3 star… it was weird though it was kinda like a house sometimes and then like a hotel sometimes… so anyway we entered the room and looked in the fridge and stuff and it turns out it had pizza and cake in it! LOL what hotel has a fridge full of cake and pizza??? So we had a dinner of about every pizza you can think of- except pork obviously…. And turned in for the night. Its weird sleeping in a dream… LOL. So we woke up and we found the hotel riddled with these strange marks on the wall… it looked like the letter J… so this is where the dream gets really weird. And I mean REALLY weird lol. We see these letters on the wall and suddenly the room is full of people and we act like everything is normal… That’s dreams for you… they just DON’T make sense… lol so the room is full of people and I can see some of them touching those weird J’s on the wall and then they scream and they are gone. Poof! So there’s panic and people are telling others not to touch the J’s but some people seem to be drawn to them like moths are to light, and can’t pull their eyes from them. I start to take control of the situation and yell- in a commanding voice- that they should stop touching the J’s. Some listen and some run around like the world is ending. Well some people just can’t cope in stressful situations… Anyways I managed to get most of the people under control but I can see most of the people have been err… poofed? This dream is crazy… annny wayyy lol. I start telling people to stop touching the J’s or they will be zapped to no-mans land. They listen and then suddenly the dream shifts and it all sort of doesn’t make sense… (surprise, surprise..) But I somehow now know what’s going on, there is this freaky weirdo Queen who wants to control the world or something… and she has a whole army of… these creatures… well I don’t know what to call then really… let’s just call them ‘Minions’ for simplicity’s sake… So she had an army of minion creatures and she says we are trapped or something… and the dream shifts again and I suddenly have a whole armory in front of me and am loading up with all kinds of weapons- Guns…knives and stuff… So I load myself up hiding the weapons in my pant leg and in my boots… and then I’m speaking. I’m telling a whole group of people that I have a plan, that I will load myself with weapons and will touch one of those strange J’s and find out where this evil, freaky Queen has her prisoners. I will probably be captured but I have weapons so I will be OK. So I walk over to the wall and touch a J and I feel a jolt and I’m suddenly in a dark dank room lit only by these torches on the wall… I try to move my hands but they are tied up. I can see countless other people have been captured. I immediately start pulling my knife out of my sleeve to start cutting the ropes tying my hands together and manage to saw away at one rope, loosening the knots. I stop when that freak of nature Queen gets in the room, ranting about how she will take over the world and how nothing can stop her. Ugh typical story book villains… Soooo predictable… I continue working away at the ropes and finally- after a few hours- manage to cut through them. I rub my sore wrists and begin to feel the blood rushing back to my cold hands. I begin to pull out my gun which has these special bullets which are supposed to be fired into the queens yellow eyes to kill her. Lol don’t ask HOW I have them, dreams don’t make sense what so ever… So I load the bullets into the gun and hide it behind my back. I sit patiently waiting for that Queen to come in and begin ranting again. And sure enough the door opens and that freakish Queen is in the room -Dungeon- and is once again ranting and raving… I resist the urge to roll my eyes and fire two quick shots at her eye balls. She lets out a gurgling scream as they successfully burst in a gory, yellow and red mist, and falls to the ground. Dead. I get up free the prisoners and the dream ends.

WHAT a weird dream right? I swear I love it when I get these dreams… they are just sooo hilarious and implausible… But hey at least I got to shoot a gun! LOL that part felt sooo real… the kick, the smell of black powder, the explosive bang, the ringing in your ears after the shot… 

Ahem… anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this -rather ridiculous- but fun dream diary entry! Hopefully there will be many more!πŸ˜…πŸ˜Š 

Ramadan just around da corner!

Howdy folks! Great news! (Although you probably know this already…)
Ramadan is just around the corner! Who’s excited? I so am! Although the fasting is gonna be a though one this year…. Considering I gotta fast considerably longer than I’m used to now that I’ve moved to London….  
But no biggie! I love a challenge! And doing it will only give me strength and more self control. (Which I need terribly since im such a procrastinator lol) but hey at least I wont be fasting in that dreaded 50 degree heat…. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„
So until next time folks! 
Here’s a random gif for your entertainment! 

Your welcome! πŸ˜‰

What is a NerdFighter?

Such a beautifuly awesome video! 😱😱😱

We are all unique in our own ways, and the different things that make us special.

I love this community and I’m proud to be a NerdFighter. πŸ˜€ If your a curious person, or you just want to learn something new check out this community. 

So watch this video and who knows? You may just join us.

Don’t forget to be awesome.

Answer to my Riddle

The answer to my riddle that I posted on Wednesday:

Answer me this:

What is Death? The beginning of The Beginning? Or the end of The End?

Scroll down for the answer!

Death is both the beginning of the Beginning, and the end of The End.
Death is the beginning of the Beginning: The Beginning being the new chapter of your life aka The Afterlife, and Death is the end of The End: The End being the end of your old life aka the life you are living right now.
I  know it seems like I talk about Death and pain and all those other morbid things a lot, but it fascinates me, the idea that this world is only temporary, and that one day the other world will be revealed. Its like we’re behind this great big veil, that will one day reveal something no experienced or talanted author can think of or imagine. Kinda hard to wrap your head around I know! πŸ˜‰

Yeah I know this is pretty deep stuff I’m thinking of over here, but it’s just been on my mind lately… Plus it makes for good poetry! 😝

Anyway sorry to kill happy time for ya! 😜 But hey I’ll make up for it! I’m currently writing a poem about normalcy- another deep topic!- nothing solid yet mind you, its a working progress…

Until next time! 

Don’t forget to be Awesome! 


I know it stings.

I know It burns,

I know it feels like you can’t go on.

I know it seems bleak,      

I know you feel weak.


There’s always hope,  

It may seem that sometimes your on own.

It may seem that sometimes your all alone,

It may seem that sometimes its easy to end the pain.

But that aint no way to cope,

You must stay strong,

You must live through all that pain.

You must try and lasso that monster,

That is fear.

You must stay strong!

You belong,

Climb out that pit.

break that glass,

Don’t let it hold you back.

Because one day you’ll find the light,

And You’ll see, 

That your never alone….

Copyright Bushra Alkhatib 2017