My favorite pics

Here are some pics of Sir lanka and salalah …..

ipad pics 322

Here are some flowers in a pot of water, I have been seeing a lot of them around the country, i think it is a tradition.


This is a beautiful waterfall coming from a stream on top of the upper rock, it is amazing!

ipad pics 550

This is a small garden just bellow a restaurant, we saw it on the way to a gem factory.

ipad pics 516

This is a tea plant field where ladies go a pick tea leaves and deliver it to a factory.

ipad pics 527

This is a path that has been made out old glass bottles, it is leading to a little green house.

ipad pics 355

And here is the last pic, it is a picture of a coco plant that is almost ripe, once it is it will be grounded and turned into coco powder.


13 thoughts on “My favorite pics

  1. Have you really been to sir Lanka and salalah? Wow! it is amazingly beautiful !!!!!!!

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