The Saderia Series

Hello everyone and welcome back!!! I hope I haven’t been gone too long! Any way let’s start! So today I want to share my favourite Series! Yes! OK here is the name of the Series….

The Tiger Princess

OK now I know what you are thinking “oh they are girly I dont like them!

Well let me just tell you that if you dont read these books, you are missing out big time!

So now let me tell you about Saderia…. Saderia is a tiger she is Brave, kind, down-to-earth, and opinionated. Adventurous and determined, she never gives up even when the situation looks bleak, she is always fighting for good… even if she has to to break a few rules along with way. She may face tough decisions, but she is able to think them through and choose what she truly believe is best. She is able to think clearly even when in danger and is willing to risk anything to stand up for who and what she believes in. Solving ancient and dangerous mysteries filled with fires, dangerous enemies, ancient royal secrets, and magical prophecies would be considered a fun way for her to spend her time, even though it can be frightening and stressful at times. Other times, She enjoys just being herself.

See! I told you! XD

Now I will give you more info…

Saderia Series Book #1: The Tiger Princess

Ten years ago, the tiger King and Queen of a vast forest disappeared in a mysterious fire.

No one knows how the fire started. In ten years, the truth has never been discovered. But now, ten years later, their orphaned daughter is determined to solve the mystery…

Ten-year-old Saderia has led a life of luxury as the Princess of the forest under the care of her persnickety aunt and uncle – though it has always had its flaws. But when her nights are troubled by terrifying dreams of the fire that took her parents, her comfortable life is turned into a race to find the truth. On a quest to solve the mystery of who killed her parents, she stumbles upon bewildering clues, secretive allies, and even magic.

Saderia is determined to solve the mystery, but as she uncovers more clues, her own life is drawn deeper and deeper into danger. She must find out the truth before time runs out – and her own fate is sealed.

See? isn’t it THE BEST BOOK YOU EVER SET EYES ON!!!!??????????

There are 6 books in the series, if you want to get this series got to

OK now this is the last part, and in it I will post some pictures of the EPIC book covers! XD

the t p

dash cover





Oh and if you have a kindle or nook you can get the first book free!

OK everyone unfortunately this is the end but dont worry I will be back! so stay tune for more! And remember! DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER!!! goodbye!! 🙂 😀

I dont own any of the pics they are from Sarah Renee’s blog! And I have only put this up too spread the word of The Tiger Princess! 🙂


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