I know it stings.

I know It burns,

I know it feels like you can’t go on.

I know it seems bleak,      

I know you feel weak.


There’s always hope,  

It may seem that sometimes your on own.

It may seem that sometimes your all alone,

It may seem that sometimes its easy to end the pain.

But that aint no way to cope,

You must stay strong,

You must live through all that pain.

You must try and lasso that monster,

That is fear.

You must stay strong!

You belong,

Climb out that pit.

break that glass,

Don’t let it hold you back.

Because one day you’ll find the light,

And You’ll see, 

That your never alone….

Copyright Bushra Alkhatib 2017


Big One Five!

Today… At this very moment I have turned 15… Wow. Isn’t it amazing how time flys folks? It seems like only yesterday I’d turned 14… Lol I’m feeling a powerful moment of nostalgia right now! 



That wicked monster of ice that stalks your every dream.


It’s long icy claws tearing at your soul.


Leaving long bleeding wounds that will never heal.


That cold, cruel laughing monster that eats at you forever.


Leaving a wreck of a thing no longer human.


It’s long, echoing sadistic laughter booming at you as you wake, dripping with sweat and tears.


It has its hooks in you, dragging you down as you spiral into madness. 


It never ends.




Copyright Bushra Alkhatib 2017


Hi! Just a quick post here, I want to tell u guys about this amazing channel I’ve been watching for the last 6 months, it’s called CrashCourse!

Personally I love this channel, I use it for my studies. It’s got Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Literature, world History and much much more! 🙂

So go give it a try! You never know, you may end up loving it as much as I have! 😀



Dream Diary!

Hello and welcome my old friends! I just had an awesome super cool idea! (In my humble opinion!) 😉 Ahem It’s- as you probably found out from the title, unless you haven’t read it- a Dream Diary! 😀

If you don’t know what a Dream Diary is, it is a diary in which I will record my many peculiar- and yes sometimes embarrassing! – dreams! I thought of keeping my dream’s private but where’s the fun in that?!

So here we are, Dream Diary entry #1! Enjoy!


Dream Diary entry #1

In the murky depth of REM sleep, I float seemingly in the deepest darkest depths of oblivion as I sink into my dream. I’m standing in a grassy field – a tennis court I soon realize- and take in my surroundings slowly as my eyes scan the grassy court, I see a couple of familiar faces. My cousins I soon realize as recognition flashes through my eyes. I notice that there are a few other people walking around in that tennis court, doing what I can’t seem to know. I walk slowly towards the group of bustling people then stop suddenly. I notice a strange object at the corner of the tennis court, I frown in confusion and slowly walk towards it. I stop a few feet away from it and realize what the object is at once: A nasal spray. I read the words across its metal surface: Anesthetic Nasal spray. I feel disgust wash over me as I quickly back away from the object, and then suddenly a little chubby hand snatches up the spray and holds it up. I snap my head up and see a little girl, no more than five years old grinning wickedly at my startled face. She would have looked cute if it weren’t for that grin. I stare at her in confusion. Why would a five year old look at me like that? I wonder. The girl suddenly speaks- but I don’t really remember what she said exactly- But I distinctly remember the words: stuck up your nose. I feel the cold tingly feeling of fear and make a run for it, charging down the grassy field and come to a stop at the other side of the court. I glance behind me and see the little girl charging towards me, a furious glare pulled upon her face. It would have made me laugh if it weren’t for the icy fear freezing my feet to the ground. But as the girl approaches closer, I snap put of it and charge towards the people I saw earlier and disappear among the masses.


OK I know what your thinking how could that be the end???!! Well as it so happens it’s not the end, the ending of my dream is just too embarrassing to talk about! But I’ll tell you this: The dream ended happily, ridiculously and randomly! I woke up chuckling to myself, anesthetic nasal spray? Does that even exist? Of all the random objects you choose this Brain?! Why couldn’t it be a plasma gun or something… There’s only one person in the world I’d tell the ending to, and it’s not my Mom and Dad! And no it’s not my cat either if your wondering! 😛 xD Sorry to leave you hanging guys but I think I’v embarrassed myself enough! 😉

Until next time!

Don’t forget to be awesome! 🙂




I see your smile,

I feel it’s shine.

I feel the danger I know the signs,

The warm glow of love.

That I long to be free of,

It has me trapped it has me wrapped.

It’s folds kept close it’s unopposed,

It has me in it’s hook.

If I pull it out It destroys me,

If I leave it in it deceives me.

I see the smile,

I wonder a while.

I bask in it’s warmth I feel it’s power,

I stall for a moment refuse to cower.

I feel something bloom inside,

I struggle to free myself from my pride.

I see the smile one more time,

It’s shine so divine as I stare wide eyed.

I know it has me then oh I know,

And I feel the fight leaving me slow.

I feel a happiness replace it instead,

I feel the warmth as It spreads.

And I smile….


Copyright Bushra Alkhatib 1/13/2017