Chapter 1 Pumpkin the cat

One day there was a cat named Pumpkin she was enjoying her lovely life in one of the best
Fanciest gardens in the compound, but her life wasn’t always relaxing she has to be on the lookout for other adult cats who want to take over her land but Pumpkin is a strong cat ready to fight for her life. One day Pumpkin’s worst enemy Ginger wanted her land but Pumpkin didn’t want to give it up so she agreed to fight at dawn and if she loses she will have to leave the compound so Ginger went back to his territory to get ready for the historical fight at dawn…..

So then at dawn Pumpkin stood up to all odds to defend her territory and Ginger stood up to all odds to claim it….. “Are you ready?’ said Ginger “In my sleep!” said Pumpkin. “Then let the fight begin!” So, the cats jumped in the air scratched, hissed, growled and rolled….
So who do you think won? Pumpkin or Ginger? And the glorious winner is Pumpkin! All the cats cheered, but Ginger the sour looser said “I will come back for my revenge, Pumpkin!” And Ginger ran away into the deep, dark jungle to gain her strength and plan her revenge…..

chapter 2 The return of harmony

It was a nice sunny morning in the compound, and Pumpkin was resting in the shade she was very tired after the historical fight, she was having a day off. No fighting, only relaxing. But that didn’t last long as Black Socks, her friend, came running, (out of breath) “Pumpkin, come, it’s an emergency!” said Black socks.
So, Pumpkin followed Black Socks to the town where all the cats had gathered in a huge circle. “What’s going on?” “Well, well, well. If it isn’t Pumpkin!” Said ginger.
“Stop picking on my friends, Ginger!” Said Pumpkin “You and I have some unfinished business, my fighting skills have gotten a lot better since I’ve been here last, Ginger yelled. “And your point is? Said Pumpkin. “You and I, a fight at dawn, winner stays, loser leaves the compound forever!” Said Ginger. “forget it I’d never make a deal like that” said Pumpkin “hmm your choice” ginger grabs black socks and throws him to the ground then grabs him from his neck choking him. “Stop it!”Said Pumpkin Not until I get my revenge! Said Ginger “alright ginger we will fight at dawn but you will get the beats!
We will see about that” said Ginger

chapter 3 The return of Ginger

So Pumpkin got ready she practiced and practiced until
It was time for the fight at dawn…….
“Are you ready?
“I’m ready to whack your back side till its red as a rotten tomato! Said Pumpkin
all the cats laughed we will see about that. Said Ginger
Let the fight begin!!! Said Pumpkin
So the two cats jumped in the air scratching and hissing once again…… till all the cats gasped in amazement so what do you think happened?

Pumpkin fell to the ground screaming in pain. “Owww what’s the matter Pumpkin give up” said Ginger but amazingly Pumpkin got up jumped in the air and kicked Ginger in the face knocking him to the ground, but Ginger got up and racked her claws across Pumpkin’s belly, but Pumpkin raked her claws across Ginger’s face and the blood smeared across it, but that didn’t stop her, Ginger leaped into the air and pinned Pumpkin to the ground, ” So who’s the tough cat now?!” growled Ginger but pumpkin just stared at Ginger in disgust, Ginger got off her and stood straight so all the cats can see, ” Well looks like your hero has failed you, well now that I have beaten this useless clump of fur, I shall be in charge!” said Ginger but pumpkin growled and jumped in the air pining Ginger to the ground. ” Excuse me how dare you call the most feared cat in all the land a useless clump of fur!” Pumpkin snapped ” I can call what ever cat I want any name I want!” Ginger spat ” especially weak little ones like you!” she mocked ” Well then I think you are talking to the wrong one!” Pumpkin spat and with that she lashed her claws at Ginger’s face, and blood oozed out from her many wounds. ” first you challenge me to take my land, then I teach you a nice lesson, but then oh what a surprise, you come back like a little kitten rushing to her mother!” mocked Pumpkin ” what did you come back for your milk? ” oh no wait a little kitty toy! laughed Pumpkin All the cats joined.
But that only made Ginger mad. ” oh now what?” laughed Pumpkin when she saw Ginger’s red hot face ” oh don’t be like that” said Pumpkin ” maybe you can be a clown instead of a cat, or maybe a cat toy seller after all you are a funny cat!” “ALL the cats laughed so hard, that half of them had the hiccups ” oh now you changed the battle field to a clown show! spat Ginger Pumpkin turned around and glared at Ginger ” what did you say?” Said Pumpkin ” that you are a chicken!” spat Ginger Pumpkin lashed her claws across Ginger’s face and she howled in pain ” First of all how dare you call me a chicken!” Pumpkin mowed angrily “Because you turned the battle field in to a comedy show!” Ginger spat ” OK it is time we settle this once and for all!” said Pumpkin And with that she jumped in the air and raked her claws across Ginger’s face Ginger howled in pain but Pumpkin didn’t give Ginger a chance she jumped in the air and raked her claws across Ginger’s belly Ginger gave an ear splitting howl and with that dropped to the ground. Pumpkin was about to leap at her when Ginger screamed ” I give up OK?” “You are the most feared cat!” ” Just please step away!” Ginger meowed ” hmm I guess so but you are going to get arrested!” ” what no no I…I am sorry please don’t! ” cried Ginger “sorry but those are the rules” said Pumpkin and with that all the cats’ cheered wow that was amazing cried Black Socks I knew you could do it! “Thanks every cat” said Pumpkin. So two police cats came to take Ginger to prison ” take this useless ball of fur out of here” pumpkin spat “you got it Pumpkin, but where to? “to the midnight wave island” said Pumpkin with a grin. All cats gasped ” yep you heard that right” meowed Pumpkin ” OK what ever you say Pumpkin” said the police cat ” after all she deserves it!” So then the two police cats put the paw cuffs on Ginger ” grrrrrr” she growled ” grrrrr your self” said Pumpkin with a laugh “I hope you learn your lesson at The Midnight wave island! Black socks came up to her ” Pumpkin why is it called the midnight wave island? Pumpkin sighed “because The most dangerous criminal Midnight fury is there” she meowed sadly. All the cats gasped. “Pumpkin, isn’t that your son? Said Black Socks. Pumpkin sighed sadly, ‘Yes, he is.

Chapter 4
Pumpkins story

Pumpkin had a flash back of the day she held him in her arms, licking him teaching him the skill to survive. But he turned cruel and dishonest, he started to steal from his friends and neighbors, he got warned till he became an adult cat, and went to jail after stealing the Diamond of life from the museum, If the diamond didn’t return in two full moons the cats will all loss their ability to talk, but Pumpkin the hero returned the diamond back to its place and caught her son, sending him to the police, it was very painful to hand in her son to the police but he was too dangerous to stay loose, so Pumpkin went home sadly and slept. “Pumpkin, Pumpkin wake up!” said Black socks.
“What happened?” said pumpkin you had a flashback said Black socks “oh yeah that” said pumpkin “you miss him don’t you? Said Black socks “yes I miss him so much, he was only a kitten till he started steeling and went to jail” said pumpkin.

“Hmm why don’t we visit him?” Said Black socks, “oh that’s a fabulous idea!” said Pumpkin “why didn’t I think of it before?!” Said Pumpkin “OK then let’s go visit midnight fury!” Said Black socks. So Pumpkin and Black socks went on a kittycopter to The midnight wave island to see midnight fury. ” Are we there yet?” said Black socks ” be patient” said Pumpkin Black Socks snorted ” be patient?” she said “who are you talking to? said Black Socks ” I am!” she said Pumpkin just rolled her eyes, and after what seemed like hours because it was, the kittycopter started to land on the rocky shore “we’re here” said the driver ” finally!” exclaimed Black Socks ” I we have arrived” said Black Socks Pumpkin grind “here we are! she said “The Midnight wave island!” said Pumpkin So Pumpkin and Black socks got off the kittycopter, and into a dark deep steep tower where all the criminal cats were kept, “this place is spooky said Pumpkin, ” oh yeah! well I’m not scared!” said Black Socks proudly Pumpkin rolled her eyes. The two cats walked up to a lady cat sitting in the reception. “ Hi said Black socks we are here to see midnight fury “really oh then you must be two brave little cats” said the lady cat, “ after all he is only the most dangerous cat in history” said the lady cat, “actually midnight fury is my son, I used to call him midnight but as he grew older, he decided to change his name to midnight fury ” very interesting ” said the lady cat “we just wanted to know his room number” said Pumpkin “room number 265 and here take the keys” and “ beware of midnight fury” said the lady, Black socks gulped “ha! who’s the scardy cat now?” said Pumpkin ” Black Socks glared at pumpkin “oh please I know my son like the back of my paw said Pumpkin,
So the two cats took the elevator to floor 20. “Here it is room 265” said Pumpkin, So Pumpkin unlocked the door to see big red glowing eyes staring at them, “um hello son it’s me and auntie Black socks’ said Pumpkin in a shivering voice, “oh it’s you mom I thought you were the cat that comes and whacks me with a copper wire every day” said midnight fury in a steep voice, “oh my goodness!!”
Said Pumpkin she hugged her son that was tied to a steel pole from the ceiling. “Oh we simply must get you a bed and some food you look like you haven’t eaten in days!” said Pumpkin, “um Pumpkin this is jail this is what he dis serves for steeling the diamond of life, I mean if that diamond is gone, we wouldn’t be able to talk it would be chaos” said Black socks, “hmm I guess your right” said Pumpkin “but can we stay for a little while?” said pumpkin “its been a while since i’v seen my little kitten” said pumpkin ” Black Socks gasped “little kitten!?” I hate to brake it to you but this little kitten of yours is the most dangerous cat in history!” said Black Socks ” OK OK” said Pumpkin ” but this doesn’t change the fact that he is my son” said Pumpkin firmly ” OK fine but this doesn’t ‘change the fact’ that we won’t go home soon” said Black Socks ” we have been here for half an hour already” said Black Socks ” OK but another half an hour and that’s it OK? Black Socks sighed “OK” she said ” but only half an hour” Black Socks warned “but Pumpkin didn’t here her she was too caught up in feeding her son. “come on lets go home” said Black socks Pumpkin sighed “OK” she said gathering her stuff and after she finished she walked out of the prison cell, and Black Socks came running out and locking the prison cell. But they didn’t notice that midnight fury had escaped!

chapter 5 The escape of midnight fury

The alarms went on all the guard cats went searching for Midnight fury, “oh no how did he escape?” said Pumpkin “oops I must of left the keys on the door!” Said Black socks. “Come on we have to find him!” said Pumpkin, but he is a black cat as black as night how will we find him? Said Black socks, “I know, midnight fury has bright glowing red eyes we could see them clearly” said Pumpkin I remember that from when we played hide and seek in a dark room” said Pumpkin OK then let’s go so they searched, then Pumpkin gasped there he is so she ran after him but then skidded to a halt when he jumped and broke the window glass and ran to a boat and got away. “Oh no! now the whole world is in danger what are we going to do!” said Pumpkin “We are going to follow him in to the wide seas lets go” said Black socks so the cats jumped in a boat with a couple police cats. To catch midnight fury.

“I still can’t believe I left the keys on the door” said Black socks, “it’s OK said Pumpkin we will find him no matter what said Pumpkin, so the cats sailed west, where the sun sets that’s where midnight fury is heading, he is going home to the compounds museum to steal the diamond of life said Pumpkin “but why?” Said Black Socks ” it’s like he’s programmed or something” said Pumpkin “I don’t know about this” said Black Socks “but it can’t be anything good he is the greatest criminal in history so we have to save the world from midnight fury!!” Said Pumpkin. So the cats came to a point in the sea where it was dark and spooky but that didn’t stop Pumpkin, then they saw land they got of the big boat, to see if midnight fury had gotten off his boat pumpkin sighed in disappointment “nothing here” she said lets go then Pumpkin saw red glowing eyes but they weren’t cat eyes, they where a tigernake’s eyes a creature with a head of a tiger and a body of a lion and three snakes on the end! And he was starring at them Pumpkin yelled “run!!” and the two cats ran to the boat, as fast as possible But the tigernake was faster and blocked the boat from view ” well well well what do we have here? said the creature “ahhh! said Pumpkin and Black Socks ” oh you dont need to worry so much we wont hurt you” said the
tigernake ” wont hurt them?” said one of the snakes “a lie!” “ssssss why dont you guysss ever sssstop fighting!?” said another snake “do I alwayssss have to do all the work? ” all the work?” the tiger snorted weren’t we the ones who caught that boat with a few bits of terrified…er…um…uh… thingies like these two? ” oh yeah! I was the one to ssssunk that ssssship” said the other snake ” will you two stop fighting! every time we fined a meal you argue! said the tiger
the snakes fell silent ” OK now lets not argue and lets enjoy the kittyfillat! and with that they lunged at Pumpkin and Black Socks, but they quickly jumped out of the way but the creature quickly turned around and chased after them ” we have to run to the boat!” shouted Pumpkin “but that creature is on our tail! ” so lest get him off!” said Pumpkin “easier said than done!” shouted Black Socks so the two cats ran for their lives until Pumpkin shouted “that’s it!” ” whats it?” said Black Socks Pumpkin explained her plan to Black Socks ” that’s brilliant! shouted Black Socks so the cats started Pumpkins plan. So they whirled around to see the creature staring at them with menacing eyes, ” now!” shouted Pumpkin and with that Black Socks jumped on the tigers face, and Pumpkin ran around the creature “ssssss” and the snakes chased Pumpkin around the monster too, until the monster collapsed on the ground “quick! to the ship!” shouted Pumpkin and the two cats jumped on and turned on the motor, and the ship turned away from the dark island “phew that was a close one” said Pumpkin “yeah that tigernake was going to catch us” said Black Socks “we’d better be on the lookout for other creatures who want to catch us” said Pumpkin.

chapter 6 Almost Home

“We’re almost there” said Black socks and the cats came to the compound where midnight fury was headed, the cats got off the boat to the compound’s dock.
“There he is midnight fury” said Pumpkin So they chased him “he’s heading to the museum” said Black Socks so the cats chased midnight fury to the museum, but it was too late midnight fury, had gotten the diamond of life, “what are we going to do?” said Black socks “muhhhaaa now the whole world will listen to me, I am now the biggest criminal in the world, nobody can stop me now haaahaha” said Midnight fury “no you won’t I shall stop all evil no matter how strong “said Pumpkin “oh please what are you going to do to stop me, I have the diamond of Life and you have nothing!!!” Said Midnight fury “I have the power to stop all evil no mater what, and the prophecy shall prove it! as it will destroy you like all your evil ancestors!” “you…you…you where my son and I am very,very,very angry with you!!!” said Pumpkin “in this journey, you where on the move and I heard your plan, when you where small but..but I thought you would forget all about it! BUT I WAS WRONG!!!, where my baby kitten I was kind to you loved you and took care of you like any good mother should, but haven’t fulfilled your part as a loyal well behaved son! none of you have! I can’t believe all my sons are like you!” said Pumpkin but now you are a danger to cat history so I will have to unite my powers and destroy you, and she jumped in the air and growled as loud as she can so load that midnight fury fell on the ground but Midnight Fury rolled around and kicked Pumpkin to the ground, then leaped on Pumpkin and dug his claws deep into her shoulders Pumpkin howled in agony and rolled out of his grab but Midnight fury wasn’t finished he jumped in the air and landed neatly in fount of pumpkin he sneered ” bet you want to wipe this sneer of my face huh?” said Midnight fury pumpkin growled and leaped on Midnight fury opening a deep gash in his neck” he howled in pain and quickly rolled away but pumpkin was faster and she aimed for his throat and opened a big gash and blood seeped out Midnight fury stopped and choked out a lot of blood ” you’ll pay for this!” he said and he leaped for Pumpkins throat “meow!” said Pumpkin “hahaha!” “well well look at this! “a weak little cat crying like a little kitten” he said ” pumpkin gritted her teeth and growled ” oh whats the mater?! pumpkin give up? pumpkin growled and lunged at Midnight fury. Midnight fury gasped but was too late in moving any where,but Pumpkin swooped in and took the diamond and said, “the diamond of Life has returned use the love and light with me to make sure midnight fury does not” and all the cats cheered and the diamond of life shone as bright as day, “no stop no!!!!!!!!”Said Midnight fury and he gasped he rose in to the sky in front of the moon and howled “no!” he said and then he slowly began to lower to the ground ” all the cats gasped ” wh-what’s happening?” said a cat called speedster ” I don’t know” said another cat

chapter 7 Midnight’s story

all the cats gasped ” wh-what’s happening?” said a cat called Speedster ”. I dont know” said another cat “no!’ said Midnight fury then he slowly began to lower to the ground. ” what in the world is happening?” said pumpkin Midnight fury’s voice died down as he finally touched the ground Pumpkin gasped ” I think i know!” she said ” ” you know how the diamond of life has a special power to clear all the evil spirits out of our world?” “well when Midnight fury came back to his home and touched the diamond of life it some how communicated with his body but he had been taken over by evilness completely so it couldn’t clear it, only he has the choice to do so” “OK but the question is what is going to happen now?” said Black Socks ” only time can answer that” said Pumpkin so Pumpkin told the cats to go home and to protect their families, but pumpkin and Black Socks stayed to take Midnight fury to the hospital, they gave him a special room where there where no ill cats “so now we just wait?” said Black Socks “yes” said Pumpkin so the cats waited only a few times did Midnight fury turn around in his sleep pumpkin looked him ” i think he is little meeting with the diamond of life had cased a reaction with his body” she said “well let he ‘medicine’ do its job” said Black Socks so they waited and waited until Midnight fury finally stared to wake up look he is waking up!” said Pumpkin ” wh- wh- what h-app-end” said Midnight fury ” what! pebbles!! blossom! tiger!!! where am i wheres the beast!!” “oh when i see him again i’ll i’ll… mom?! what are you doing here? did..did he capture you too?
” who? what” said Pumpkin “what are you talking about?” she said ” eye..moon..pebbles..tiger..blossom..evil guy..where am I? ” said Midnight fury
“Midnight fury! whats the mater?” said Pumpkin ” Midnight who the what now?” said midnight fury “what do you mean who the what now?” she said
you used to hate me for calling you Midnight!” ” mom what do you mean hate you we all love you! you are the best mom ever! he said ” but.. but all these years i had thought you where gone! she said ” gone what do you mean gone?” he said I am right here!” he said “no you dont understand! said pumpkin you stole the diamond of life! and you where banished..gone..sent to midnight wave island!” she said “what are you talking about? first you say we hate you then you say i STOLE the diamond of life then you say i was banished?!!” said midnight fury “ok midnight fury!” said pumpkin ” I’m not midnight fury! i’m midnight!” said midnight ” OK then midnight” said pumpkin can you tell us your story? she said “ok!” he said ” well me pebbles,tiger and blossom where playing on the play ground when this creepy cat showed up he told us that he was going to show us a cool toy!” he said but then he took out a clock an told us it follow him, so we followed hem to this creepy looking boat and then suddenly darkness! We hissed and clawed that sack but no use we where tossed into a boat then off to sea! then we reached a creepy island and where tossed on the rocky shore! ” the midnight wave island” said pumpkin ” yeah that one and then we where bumping up and down, and before we knew it we where out of that sack scratching a hissing at that guy! but.. but he got some kind of needle thingy and put it in our shoulders then nothing!!” ” you must have been taken over by some kind of mind controlling chemical so it had nothing to do with dark evil spirits! that’s a relief! “do you know where your brothers are she said “no said midnight “nothing happened all i remember is his cruel sneering face! said midnight ” oh i wish i could claw it off! ” OK OK OK” said Black Socks “but at least we have a clue!” what clue is that?” said midnight ” the clue is that that cat how ever he was lives on the midnight wave island!

chapter 8 On Midnight wave island again!

“yeah!” said Midnight “but” said Black socks “we don’t know anything about this strange cat” she said “we need more information” said Pumpkin eyeing Midnight with a curious gaze “oh! don’t look at me!” said Midnight “I can hardly remember what he looks like or any thing about him!”said Midnight

“what about his sneering face you mentioned earlier?” said Black socks with a grin “e-except that” said Midnight “well?”said Black socks “OK OK I REMEMBER his sneering face but nothing else!”said Midnight ” OK son tell us what you got” said Pumpkin ” OK so” said Midnight remembering the evil cats beat up face with a shudder “he is a cat a black as night blacker than I ever was, he has one eye (the other was clawed at, with deep claw marks he has deep gashes all over his body, has half of his ear torn off almost his whole tail is gone too it, has a blood stunted end” said Midnight with a shiver “and he talks in a crazy husky tone. “wow that is freaky!” said Black socks
Midnight snickered “for a kitten” Black Socks fur stood on end ” who are you calling a kitten?!” she said in a challenging voice “you!” said Midnight Pumpkin rolled her eyes “guys guys calm down” she said “Midnight do you know where your brothers are?” Midnight shook his head ” sorry mom I cant remember a thing!” Pumpkin sighed ” well I guess we will have to go to the Midnight wave island” she said “its OK mom we will find them no matter what!”said Midnight ” Well OK then to the Midnight wave island!” said Pumpkin and the cats took off to the compounds dock and headed to the nearest boat ” wait a minute! are we going to pass that monster again?” she said Pumpkin chuckled “obviously not!” she said “good! I am NOT going there again! she said “what’s the matter kitty scared?” said Midnight raising his eye brows Black Socks shot him a dry glare “oh guys stop!” “this is getting silly!” said Pumpkin shooting them both a warning glare “OK” they both said sinking under her gaze ” OK! lets go!” said Pumpkin
And once again the cats set off to the Midnight wave island!

“Are we there yet?” that was Midnight ” “we have been on this boat for a long time!” said Midnight ” be patient said Pumpkin “ugh! come on!” said Midnight Impatiently “we are almost there!” look!” said Black Socks as the dark island began to appear in the distance ” yes!” said Midnight “finally!” “we arrived” said Black Socks
The three cats pushed their boat on to the rocky shore ” wow this island is big!” said Midnight ” he could be any where!” said Black socks “Midnight” Pumpkin began “mom I told you I had a sack on my head so I couldn’t see where I was going” he said “oh come on! “you got to know something! said Black Socks ” Midnight looked at her “like what”
he said “well..uh..well maybe you felt the way? said Black Socks Midnight raised his eye brow ” on all these stones?” he said “oh there is no use! we cant find that cat on this giant Island! said Black Socks well why don’t we just fan out?” said Pumpkin “Pumpkin there is no way we could find him! it’s like looking for a needle in a stack of hay! thanks to this cat here we have no clue where he is! said Black socks Midnight glared at Black socks
“what? its true” Midnight rolled his eyes then sighed “come on guys lets fan out and at that very moment there was a crazy like laugh that echoed in the distance “well look what we have here a bunch of little kittens looking for trouble!

Chapter 9 The return of The dark Shadow

They all gasped w-where did that come from? said Black Socks Midnight gasped and then growled ” show yourself!” he said ” you evil monster give back my bothers!” he said “evil monster?” said the voice with a chuckle “why, that’s a bit harsh don’t you think?” he said Pumpkin shouted “show yourself!” “Oh! haven’t you ever herd of the word please Pumpkin? he said. “Hey, how do you know that!” said Pumpkin. ” Why, don’t you remember me?” said the voice “you and I where the worst enemies ever known! Pumpkin gasped The Black Shadow!

“The Black shadow?” said Black Socks “who is the Black Shadow? said Midnight ” He is the most evil cat ever, he is the one who started all evil” said Pumpkin. Black Socks gasped ” I thought Midnight fury was! she said ” well we kind of told a little fib about that said Pumpkin, lost in thought. “Well?” said Midnight are you going to tell us about him?” Before any of them had time to answer the voice began again “I don’t think she ever will” and with that a cat leapt out of no where and landed neatly in front of them smirking. “Who are you?” said Black Socks
“I am the cat who will end your friend’s life once and for all! and he pounced at Pumpkin But pumpkin rolled out of the way just in time and the cat landed in her place ” I killed you before and will again!” she said and she jumped at the cat but he quickly dodged her attack and dug his claws in her leg, then sank his white glistening fangs in her throat. Pumpkin howled in agony and scrambled away from him but he didn’t finish yet, he leapt after her and raked his claws across her face she howled again. Pumpkin bunched her muscles and leapt at him with a snarl and kicked the cat to the ground, but he quickly kicked her stomach and rolled away from her. The cat bared his fangs and glared at Pumpkin ” what do you want!” said pumpkin ” to destroy you! he replied and he jumped on pumpkin, but Pumpkin kicked him and rolled away she bared her fangs and pounced on him and sank her fangs in his throat but he lashed his claws across her face she howled and quickly backed away. “what’s the matter Pumpkin? he said feeling a bit weak?” Pumpkin glared at him then looked at Black Socks and Midnight at the corner of her eye they where both frozen to the spot she called them Black Socks! Midnight! a little help!
“In your dreams!” said the cat and he sank his claws deeper in her shoulders she screamed in agony. “come closer and you will never see your friend again! he said Midnight glared at him “where are my brothers!” he said “Oh they’re in a safe place don’t worry about them” “I don’t trust you!” said Midnight glaring at the cat “well then that’s your problem! he said and he sank his claws deeper in Pumpkins shoulders. Pumpkin tried to free her self from his claws but it was no use he was holding her firmly, “let her go!” said Black Socks not until I have my revenge!”he said and he lashed his claws across her face Pumpkin took her chance and rolled away, but he quickly grabbed her and opened a deep gash in her neck ignoring her scream of agony. Pumpkin had had enough she quickly lashed her claws across his face and pinned him down ignoring his yelp of surprise then she raked her claws across his face, But he managed to free himself from her grab and quickly charged away shouting ” this isn’t the end Pumpkin I will have my revenge! he shouted then silence ” what just happened? said Black Socks Midnight growled ” he has my brothers!” Oh if he lays on paw on them I’ll..I’ll rip his throat out!” he said ” wait there’s something funny going on” said Pumpkin why would he show him self just yet?” she said “why would he It’s like he did it for a reason” Black Socks agreed then suddenly Midnight gasped The boat! he probably lured us away from the boat!” he said ” But why? said Black Socks “to destroy it! said Pumpkin with a gasp ” oh no! now how are we going to get home?” said Black Socks “we won’t” said Midnight “now what will we do? ” only one thing to do! camp!” said Pumpkin

chapter 10 Camping on the Midnight wave Island

Midnight gasped in horror “CAMP?!” he said “are you insane?!” he said ” why am I insane?”said Pumpkin ” I mean of all places you chose this freaky island?” he said ” well well now who’s the scaredy cat?” said Black Socks smirking Midnight shot her a warning glare ” Oh please” said Pumpkin with a role of her eyes ” if you ask me you are both scaredy cats” said Pumpkin they both glared at her “well I on the other paw Pumpkin am NOT afraid of spooky islands” said Black Socks ” Me too” said Midnight turning his back too pumpkin who was chuckling “oh come on you two!” you are acting like kittens!” said Pumpkin ” no we are not! they both replied at the same time Pumpkin raised her eye brows “oh yeah prove it!” they both exchanged looks ” well?” said Pumpkin grinning “all right deal!” they both said at the same time “OK then” said Pumpkin still grinning “the challenge is to go to the destroyed boat, and bring back any thing usable for us got it? said Pumpkin they both looked at each other doubtfully “well?” said Pumpkin they both swallowed hard and then looked serious “we’re ready!” They said OK then “But we have too go over the rules” said Pumpkin “so the first rule is you must WALK to the boat not run it’s not a race” said Pumpkin then next rule is if any of you show any signs of fear or shake you will immediately be disqualified and the other cat will win” said Pumpkin “OK those are the rules” she said ” have fun!” ” ready! set! go! ” And with the signal to go the two cats started walking ” I will not show any sighs of fear I will not show any signs of fear” they both thought and they kept walking and walking until they both reached the destroyed boat “OK lets look for any parts of the boat we can use” said Midnight swallowing up his fear ” OK lets get to it!” said Black socks And they both started searching the destroyed boat for any thing they can use. Mean while Pumpkin was watching the two cats very closely
“good,good they both are holding up pretty well” thought Pumpkin “wow and they frond a lot of parts we can use” she said then she signalled them. “what is Pumpkin doing said Black Socks “she is signalling us to come back” said Midnight ” Well lets go” said Black Socks But Midnight stopped something had caught his eye ” hold on a sec” he said. There was some thing under a piece of wood Midnight Picked It up ” what do you have there” said Black Socks It looks like a map” said Midnight studying the map closely “lets get this to Pumpkin” said Black Socks. So they both returned to Pumpkin with all the stuff they have found ” Good job, both of you” said Pumpkin ” looks like it’s a tie” she said you both are the bravest cats” she said they both beamed ” oh and I almost forgot I found this map under some wood”said Midnight handing over the map to Pumpkin, “well would you look at that!” she said “Just what we needed! ” A map of the Midnight wave island!

They both looked shocked ” what a map of the island!?” said Black Socks ” that’s amazing! “now we can know are way around! said Midnight Pumpkin was still looking at the map “well look at this guys!” “there’s a forest on the other side of the island!

Chapter 11 Forest refuge

They Both looked at Pumpkin in amazement. “WHAT?” said Midnight “A forest on an island?!” “yeah!”said Pumpkin take a look!” Pumpkin passed the Map to her astonished friends. “She’s right!” said Black Socks ” I cant believe it!” said Midnight “this is grate, now we cant take refuge in the forest!” said Pumpkin “yes!” they both shrieked at the same time. “lets go!” said Pumpkin and the three friends marched off to the forest “wait a second!” said Pumpkin we forgot the stuff!” “Oh right!” said Black Socks and she raced back grabbed the broken ship parts.

“Okay we have to find a place to stay” meowed Pumpkin after they reached the forest “how about we build a tree house?” said Black Socks Midnight chuckled “yeah a cat that lives in a tree!” he said Mockingly Black Socks glared at him “what?” he said “you expect us to live in a tree?” “oh?” said Black Socks “and you have a better place to stay? she challenged him “yeah I do!” he said “oh?” she said “like where?” “” he said looking around for a place to stay “there!” he meowed. Midnight was pointing to a small cave “hummm” said pumpkin “yeah good thinking Midnight!” pumpkin meowed happily and she walked over to the cave “yes!” she exclaimed “there’s even a little stream here at the back of the cave!” she meowed excitedly “yeah we can drink from the fresh water that runs under ground!” said Midnight ” hey Black Socks you still want to live in a tree?” he said chuckling Black Socks shot him a warning glare “oh Midnight don’t start showing off okay?” said Pumpkin in a firm meow “Okay” said Midnight ” come on guys lets find some vines and some bark and lets make our selves a home away form home!” she meowed

So the three cats found some vines bark and gathered the broken pieces from the ship “good job guys!” Pumpkin meowed And soon they where done. “phew” meowed Black Socks “you can say that again” said Midnight crashing on a bed they made out of leaves “come on guys we still have to hunt” said Pumpkin they both groaned “do we really have to hunt?” meowed Midnight ” yes, unless you want to starve” she meowed. Midnight sighed and got up then his face lit up “hey Black Socks” ” I bet I can catch the fattest bird in the forest!” he meowed Black Socks shot up from her bed “Oh yeah? “try me!”she meowed challengingly “oh really?” he said “okay then we will have a challenge” he meowed “the one that catches the fattest bird before sunset is the best hunter!” Midnight meowed “Deal!” meowed Black Socks
And they raced out of the cave.

SQUAAK! A bird screeched as Midnight sank his white fangs in to the birds throat “there!” he said “this is the fattest bird I caught yet!” he meowed then he looked up at the sun “oh I’d better get back before the sunsets! he said and he grabbed his prey and raced back to the cave. “is Black Socks back yet he meowed out of breath “No not yet” meowed Pumpkin then she saw his catch “wow Midnight!, what a catch!” she exclaimed Midnight beamed with pride. Then they herd Black Socks “well looks like we have a tie meowed Pumpkin and a big feast too! she said

“ahh” Midnight and Black Socks said after their Big feast. “we should have more challenges like this if it means we will have meals like the ones you brought today! Pumpkin meowed Midnight groaned I ate too much chicken soup!” he said “me too said Black Socks and they both fell asleep Pumpkin yawned and went to her bed curled up and fell into deep sleep.

the birds chirping and the sound of the stream woke Pumpkin up from her sleep, she yawned and jumped out of bed she walked to the little stream and started to wash. when she was finished she headed for the kitchen and found breakfast laid out on the wooden table they built “what is this?” she meowed then Black Socks and Midnight jumped out of no where and yelled surprise!!! they shrieked “what is this!? she meowed again “oh we thought we should let you sleep in and go out hunting and make breakfast” said Midnight you looked so peaceful so we left you sleep”said Black Socks “well this IS a surprise thank you!” said Pumpkin they both beamed ” come on lets have breakfast together” and the cats had their food “what are we going to do now? said Midnight “I don’t know said Pumpkin but with the dark shadow loose..” she shivered I think we should find out what he is up to and stop him!” “but how?”said Black Socks “I haven’t a clue said Pumpkin but we will find some way to stop him! she meowed

chapter 12 The history of the dark shadow

“Pumpkin what’s with this dark shadow guy?” meowed Midnight “yeah what happened and why is he after us?” meowed Black Socks Pumpkin sighed ” It was a long time ago…the Dark shadow tried to steal the diamond of life but failed he was sent to prison for twelve years but he some how escaped and he disappeared for two years then he was found by a party of cats sailing south but something happened out there at sea for it appears that the whole ship has disappeared, we have no idea how they vanished and it is still a mystery” “wait! didn’t that creature say that he and his snaketails have sunk a ship full of cats?” said Black Socks Pumpkin thought for a second ” your right Black Socks! that IS why they disappeared!” said Pumpkin “OK OK back with the story” said Midnight ” oh right” said Pumpkin “so.. It seams that The dark shadow had escaped the boat just in time and headed for the Museum, that’s where we met in battle I fought him as much as I can but he beaten me and stolen the Diamond of life, and he had another Diamond called The Diamond Of fire it has been made with the lava of The hottest volcanoes and the Blood of the most evil cats and It is the centre of all evil. So he took them both and rose them above his head and was about to smash them together to form The evil heart But luckily I leaped in the air and grabbed both diamonds but as soon as I touched the Diamond of fire I had a shock and I fell to the ground then the Dark shadow grabbed both diamonds and said ” You fool! Only a truly evil cat can touch the Diamond of fire!” But I quickly crawled away and pounced on him knocking him and both Diamonds to the ground then I took the diamond of Life and returned it to its place and as soon as it returned to its place it shone so brightly it filled the room with its light And the Dark shadow crawled away as fast as he can to get away from it’s light ” didn’t I tell you that only a truly good cat can bear the Diamond of life’s glow?” I said “I will have my revenge Mark my words Pumpkin!” and he ran out of the building grabbing the Diamond of fire, and he hasn’t been seen since…. “Until now” Black Socks murmured “wow said Midnight “that is a creepy history!” “I know” meowed Pumpkin “But Pumpkin why did he want the Diamond of life?” said Black Socks “well Legend says that if both Diamonds where smashed into each other It will give the cat an amazing amount of Power and he will be the ruler of the whole world” said Pumpkin “wow” meowed Black Socks “Well i think that’s enough Dark History” said Pumpkin “I think Its time to Hunt” she meowed “now come on Off you go I will be gathering some herbs and fruits” and with that she ran until she was out of view.

“That was the best drink I ever drank!” meowed Midnight After drinking the fruit juice that Pumpkin made “you said it” meowed Black Socks pumpkin Blushed “oh it was just blueberries and bananas” she meowed ” Just?” said Midnight “no no no it was amazing” he meowed “okay okay that’s enough!” said Pumpkin “know we have to decide what to do next” she meowed ” do what?” meowed Black Socks ” Maybe we should improve our fighting skills” Midnight Meowed “humm” thought Pumpkin “yeah we should grate idea Midnight!” “lets start right away you and black socks start and Ii will verse the winner!” she said

HISSS! “hey no fair!” screeched Midnight as he pounced on Black Socks knocking her to the ground “Yes its fair!” she meowed knocking him to the ground “ugh!” you always win” meowed Midnight Black Socks Grinned watch and learn kitty cat watch and learn!” she meowed Midnight glared at her Pumpkin rolled her eyes “come on Black Socks You think your so tough?” she meowed but before Black Socks could reply Pumpkin pounced on her then they started rolling over and over, but Pumpkin swung Black Socks in the air and let go, and Black Socks went flying and landed in a near by tree” Midnight started laughing so hard he was crying ” you you should of seen your self he said laughing again, you went flying!” Black Socks glared at him “oh come on Black Socks!” meowed Midnight you always wanted to live in a tree! meowed Midnight still laughing “okay Midnight stop it now” meowed Pumpkin, and she went to help Black Socks climb down “phew! you are a good Fighter Pumpkin!” meowed Black Socks
“if I was an enemy cat I would have been dead!” she meowed again “oh that was just an old trick nothing new” meowed Pumpkin “well I’ll tell you this Pumpkin if anyone can stop The Dark shadow You can!” Black Socks meowed “yeah The Dark shadow should watch out if he sets one dirty paw on The Diamond of Life Pumpkin will show him!” meowed Midnight looking up at Pumpkin with wide eyes “I love you mom” he meowed and he hugged her “I love you too” she meowed

chapter 13

The amazing discovery

It was a beautiful morning, as the sun shimmered into the cats cave, and lit it up with it’s warm glow. Pumpkin stretched and yawned, then jumped out of her bed to find Black Socks and Midnight sitting at the table. ” morning Pumpkin how was your sleep?” meowed Midnight She yawned “grate” and she yawned again. “well looks like someone slept funny last night” Black Socks joked Pumpkin shivered Black Sock and Midnight looked at each other with a worried look “whats the matter Pumpkin?” “Oh nothing just a nightmare ” well then do you want to talk about-” “No I’m fine” she interrupted coldly “lets just focus on rescuing your brothers Midnight. Midnight winced “oh its okay Midnight Pumpkin didn’t mean it” She meowed Pumpkin sighed “sorry guys but that nightmare really disturbed me” she shivered again “oh its okay Pumpkin we know how it feels” said Black Socks ” yeah she’s right no problem mom” Midnight reassured her “okay then just like i was saying before, we should start searching now” said Pumpkin “oh Pumpkin” Midnight meowed “yes?” she responded “I think i remember some thing important” Midnight paused
” go on” Pumpkin meowed “well when i was thrown out of the sack, we landed on a rocky floor and the walls where made out of black rocks, and there was lava running down a wall like a lava fall” he meowed with wide eyes Pumpkin looked bewildered “that’s it!” Pumpkin gasped “whats it?” said Black Socks Pumpkin grabbed the map and pointed a claw at a dark mountain “that’s it” she meowed Pumpkin was pointing to a volcano.

“What?!” Black Socks and Midnight meowed in great astonishment “A volcano?!” meowed Black Socks in disbelief “wow that amazing!” Midnight meowed but Pumpkin was still looking at that map, hey Midnight did’t you say that you where thrown on a rocky floor?” “yeah” he meowed still puzzled Pumpkin gaped in amazement “what’s the matter Pumpkin?” meowed Black Socks Pumpkin shook her head in astonishment, and her eyes shone with determination “guys I think I know where The Dark shadow is hiding” she meowed ” they both looked shocked “where” meowed Midnight ” In the volcano” she meowed

Chapter 14 On the move

Midnight and Black Socks where amazed wh-what? They both meowed “yes” Pumpkin meowed “it’s true he is hiding in the volcano caves” she meowed “he was there all along” Midnight growled “when I get my pawn on that brute he will get it!” he snarled “ it’s okay Midnight calm down you will get you revenge” Pumpkin meowed Midnight hissed in frustration then calmed down “okay we will leave our cave at dawn, we will hunt now so we will have pray when we are traveling, and we will pack things we need like our sleeping bags and our packs. Pumpkin meowed “okay you guys hunt and I will pack” she said.

“ That was the toughest hunting mission ever” Said Midnight “ I know there where hardly any birds left, but we stayed there longer and managed to catch quite a lot of Birds” said Black Socks “ great!” said Pumpkin “ and I finished packing! She meowed “oh and I put a little surprise in each of your Packs!” she meowed to the two cats. “Really?” they meowed what kind of surprise?” they meowed excitedly “well a surprise is a surprise!” she replied “aw!” they both looked down in disappointment “oh you will find out at dawn” said Pumpkin.

“Are you guys ready to go?” Said Pumpkin “yes!” They both shrieked “then let’s get moving!” she yowled and the three cats set off to the center of the island to find the volcano.
“Are we there yet?” Meowed Midnight “almost” said Pumpkin “but we have been traveling for days now!” he moaned “patience” said Pumpkin Midnight grunted “oh don’t worry we will be there before you know it! Said Black Socks then her face lit up “Pumpkin didn’t you say that there was a surprise in our packs?” meowed Black Socks “oh yeah I completely forgot about that!” she meowed and she opened her pack and handed out bottles of blue and purple liquid. Midnight and Black Socks looked at it with puzzled gazes. “What’s that?” they meowed “don’t you know It’s your favorite juice!” She meowed “the blue berry and banana one! And almost immediately their faces lit up and they grabbed a bottle each. “mmm!” that’s so refreshing! They exclaimed Pumpkin chuckled well I wanted to surprise you! She meowed.

“We are here!” Meowed Black Socks excitedly Midnight growled “This is where that monster is hiding!” He snarled “its okay Midnight just calm down” meowed Pumpkin Midnight hissed then gave up. “Okay guys we need to find a place to rest “said Pumpkin “how about we hide in the undergrowth?” Said Black Socks “yeah I guess that’ll do” Said Pumpkin. So the cats ventured into the undergrowth and rested until sun high. “Okay now that we are settled I think we should make a move on” meowed Pumpkin “but where should we start? Meowed Black Socks “I don’t know” Pumpkin admitted “well maybe we could start searching around the volcano, and see if there is a way in” said Midnight “huh not bad.. Yes I think we should do just that good thinking Midnight!” purred Pumpkin Midnight Blushed “alright guys lets show The Dark shadow what we’re made of! Pumpkin Howled.

Chapter 15

The entrance

“I can’t find a way in” growled Midnight “Maybe there is a secret passage that will take us in to the volcano” Black Socks suggested “But there’s got to be some way to get in” Pumpkin protested Midnight hissed “there is a way in” he meowed then he had visions of the time he and his three brothers where in the sack that was carried by the dark shadow, then it hit him. “Mom! Mom!” I think I know how to get in the volcano!” he screeched Pumpkin looked at him in amazement. “oh so how do we get in?” she meowed “well when I was in the sack, Pebbles clawed at it and he managed to catch a view of The dark shadow opening a secret passage, but I don’t know where but I do know it is next to running water” he meowed “Running water” Pumpkin thought “where did I hear running water” she thought. But a loud yowl interrupted her thoughts “I know!” yowled Midnight in excitement and he raced into a bush. “Over here!” he yowled again Pumpkin and Black Socks looked at each other, and then charged after Midnight at top speed, but as soon as they broke out of the bush they froze. Standing in front of them was a big dark tunnel.

“I don’t believe it!” Black Socks exclaimed excitedly Pumpkin shook her head. “Is this?” she whispered. “Yep!” it’s the dark shadows hide out!” Meowed Midnight. Pumpkin shook her head in disbelief “It couldn’t be” she meowed “oh yes it is” meowed Midnight now jumping up in excitement “come on lets go and find my brothers!” he yowled and with that they all raced into the tunnel.
“Ugh!” hissed Midnight “when are we going to find my brothers!” growled Midnight “look we have gone over this before Midnight” Said Pumpkin. “We will find them soon” she reassured him “yeah I mean it’s not like she doesn’t want to finds them, they are her sons too you know!” Said Black Socks “Midnight winced “I’m sorry mom but I am really worried about them” he cried Pumpkin sighed “I’m worried about them too” she whispered. So after hours of walking in the dark, the cats heard a distant gushing sound. Midnight’s ears pricked “what’s that sound?” he meowed Black Socks and Pumpkin pricked their ears too. “Huh I don’t know, but it sounds like running water” Meowed Black Socks. “No not running water!” Midnight shirked “running lava!” he screamed.

Chapter 16

An old enemy

“Oh no!” Black Socks screeched “The lava is blocking our path!”she yowled “how will we cross?” Growled Midnight Pumpkin was looking at the lava with wide fear full eyes “I don’t know” she whispered “Maybe we could…” But no one new what Pumpkin was about to say, as a loud yowl split through the air. “well well I see you and your pesky little friends have finally made it to my hide out!” said the voice They all froze “who is there?!” growled Midnight show your self!” he hissed “oh my Pumpkin!” said the voice again “haven’t you ever thought your children manners yet” said the voice with a chuckle Pumpkin growled Well I would of if you hadn’t taken them away from me!” she snarled The voice growled “seize her!” the voice hissed “and her little friends too!” Pumpkin gasped as something grabbed her and through her into a cage, but before she could struggle she was drifting into unconsciousness. And the last thing she saw was the dark shadow sneering at her with his dark red eyes.

“Ow my head!”Pumpkin winced as she felt her had and gaped when she saw where she was, she was trapped in a cage above a pool of bubbling lava. She screamed then her voice died away as she began to take in her surroundings. “she was in a cage by her self and Black Socks and Midnight where no where to be seen. she quickly leaped up and started looking around her but as soon as her eyes left the pool of lava under her she froze. As a growl split through the air, “we looks like you mother has finally woken up!”said the voice Pumpkin growled “I know what you want she snarled but you are not getting it!”she hissed the fur on her neck beginning to bristle The dark shadow chuckled
“well If you won’t give me what I want, then It will be the last time you see them alive!” he growled and with that he Pulled a rope reviling another two cages. And in those two cages where Pumpkins three missing sons, Pebbles Tiger, and Blossom. Pumpkin was furious and she started clawing and scratching her cage bars. “oh calm down Pumpkin I won’t hurt them” But If you don’t Give me the Diamond of life then its lights out for your sons and friend!”he snarled “I’d rather die than give the diamond of life to you!” she snarled “oh so you’d rather have all your sons die?” he grinned Pumpkin glared Daggers at him “you wont dare!” she growled “Oh i will” he growled “unless you agree to hand over the Diamond” “never!” she yowled “okay Pumpkin i will give you time to think about it, and some time to have a nice reunion!” he smirked Pumpkin glared at him her eyes filled with pure hatred. And with that the dark shadow stalked of laughing. Then silence every thing was calm and quite, “Mom that you? said a tiny voice Pumpkin whirled around to see three tiny eyes peering through the bars of another cage. Tears of happiness filled Pumpkins eyes as she edged closer to the other cage. “yes” she meowed “It’s me” she Meowed again “But i thought you where gone” the three cats wailed “No i was at home looking for you” she cried “But when i couldn’t find you I..I just couldn’t forgive my self!” she cried “and..and now I will never see you again!” she sobbed “how could have i been so foolish and ignorant!” she hissed “I could of paid more attention to you and made sure he never took you!” she wept “NO mom you couldn’t” yes i could of! she growled “and..and now all hope is lost!”she cried “I have no choice” she whispered I will have to give him the Diamond of life” she meowed.

Chapter 17

Gingers return

“What?!” said the three cats “No mom you can’t!” “He will control the world!” they wailed. “But what else could I do?” she growled “I just can’t watch you die you are my children!” she hissed “I think Pumpkin is right” meowed Black Socks “ the dark shadow won this time” she growled “NO!” Midnight growled “we can’t let him win after what we have been through!” he yowled “we want through the ocean fought the menacing tigernake and his snake tails, we lived on this island for months and now you give up?!” he meowed “where is the cat that fought to protect her territory form Ginger?” “And who is the cat that saved the diamond of life for destruction?” And stopped the dark shadow?” he meowed “that cat is no more” growled Pumpkin “who is the cat who told us not to give up and to believe in ourselves?” He mowed “that cat is you Pumpkin” and you still have the courage and wisdom you always had” said Midnight. Pumpkin looked at her sons and friend, then she felt strength and determination surge through her again. “Your right Midnight I shouldn’t give up I have got to believe in myself!” she growled.

Well Pumpkin I gave you enough time to think, so what’s your answer?” The dark shadow growled “my answer is plain No!” she snarled “wrong answer!” the dark shadow growled and with that he ordered his bat minions to cut the rope holding up her sons. “No!” she cried “that won’t get you anywhere!” hissed the dark shadow. But before the bats could sink their small fangs into the rope, a loud yowl split through the air like a saw. “If you set one fang on those ropes you will wish you haven’t!” the voice snarled. “Who’s there?” hissed the dark shadow but as soon as the owner of the voice reveled herself everyone froze in absolute shock. Standing on a rock above them was Pumpkin’s old enemy Ginger.

Chapter 18

A new friend

Pumpkin was looking at Ginger, her jaw fell in shock. “What are you doing here?” she growled Ginger looked down with shame, then shook her head. “I am here to save you!” she Meowed “Save us?” Pumpkin was amazed how her once enemy, would end up saving her from death. “But why would you do that” Pumpkin choked “you and I where enemies!” she Meowed “Things change Pumpkin” meowed Ginger. Ginger was about to say more, when an angry yowl rumbled the caves walls. “Ginger you fool!” Hissed the dark shadow “You are the fool!” Ginger growled “leave my friends alone!” she hissed “I won’t leave them alone until I get what I want!” The dark shadow growled “You had things going your way long enough!” Ginger spat angrily. The dark shadow growled again “seize her!” he growled “she has a very sharp tongue!” he spat. But Ginger didn’t let that happen, she quickly dogged the bats attacks, and lashed out her claws at the ones who came near. And soon the once menacing bats where lying dead on the ground. Ginger got up and shook herself and little droplets of blood flew into the air. She growled “you’re in for it now!” she spat “Oh I don’t think so” the dark shadow growled. And with that he leaped into the air and landed in front of Ginger grinning. Ginger hesitated then shook herself. “You have been alive long enough!” she hissed. “Oh have I?” The dark shadow grinned. Ginger hissed then Pounced on the Dark shadows back, then unsheathed he claws and swiped them at his face. But they missed by inches, he smiled an evil smile, then unsheathed his claws and lashed them out at her forehead. Ginger screeched and fell on the rocky floor her blood smearing on it. She growled then got up shaking her blood socked fur, then took off running toward the cages. She quickly and expertly climbed up the rocks and charged towards the cages and stopped in front of Pumpkin’s. “Quickly!” she growled “you push the door and I will try fiddling with the lock with my claws!” she meowed Pumpkin shook her head, then immediately pushed her cage’s door with all her might. Pumpkin’s cage door flew open with a loud creak, and Pumpkin leaped out of the cage “ thank you” she whispered “any time” Ginger meowed “come on we have to get the others out!” she growled. Pumpkin shook her head then charged after Ginger, and soon they were all free. “Come on we have to…” no one knew what Ginger was saying for her words where drowned by an angry yowl. “Oh no!” Ginger cried “he’s coming!” she hissed “every cat quickly!” she hissed “head right then straight, you will see a hole in the ceiling with ivy growing down it!” “Climb the ivy and you will be out of the volcanic cave!” she hissed. The cats nodded and dashed off, but Pumpkin remained. “Ginger go I have an old score to settle!” Pumpkin growled. Ginger looked shocked “no! I can’t leave you here!” she hissed “sorry Ginger but I cat let this evil cat live!” she meowed Ginger looked at Pumpkin then nodded. “Oh alright Pumpkin but be careful!” she meowed.

Chapter 19

The last battle

Pumpkin charged back into the volcanic cave, then stopped as a loud roar rumbled the caves walls. Pumpkin growled and dashed after the voice, but came to an abrupt halt as she reached the place where she would fight her last battle. Pumpkin looked around the cave and gaped when she saw the dark shadow sneering at her. “ I see you have come back” he growled “that was a smart decision” he hissed Pumpkin growled “I am here to fight our last battle and spill the last of your blood!” she snarled the sneer immediately fell off the dark shadows face and was replaced with a deadly snarl. “You think you can beat me?” he spat “and worse!” she snarled The dark shadow hissed then leaped at Pumpkin his claws unsheathed, but Pumpkin jumped out of the way just in time, and the dark shadow landed in her place. He hissed in frustration then pounced at Pumpkin and landed on her back, but Pumpkin kicked his stomach with her hind legs paws unsheathed. And they dug into his stomach like little knives, he howled in agony but quickly lashed his claws at Pumpkin’s belly then rolled away. But Pumpkin quickly grabbed him by his tail and swung him around in circles, then let go and he flew in the air and crashed into some rocks. The dark shadow groaned then growled, but Pumpkin was already there next to him as soon as he got up she pounced on him again and clawed at his sides. The dark shadow let out a howled of agony then swiped his claws at Pumpkins forehead and blood oozed out, but that didn’t stop Pumpkin for when the dark shadow was about to leap at her she quickly sank her fangs into his throat. The dark shadow struggled he lashed out his claws everywhere, but then slowed down and struggled less then stopped moving. Pumpkin growled then let go of his throat. The dark shadow was dead.


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