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~The windy night~

It was a windy night

The wind blew as the night grew

And the birds flew

As the wolves howled at the full moon

As were to say when will the grey sky fall

And the green leaves grow

Will it stay or will it go

As the wind grew stronger

It was followed by a little white dot

At that very spot it began to snow

It covered the grey grass and the dead trees

As the snow glistened in the moon light

It was a big fright as the moon disappeared

Then the wolves peered as it was not a clear light

In sight as the night turned like a fright

Something weird had appeared a little flower

With a power it was silent the rest of the windy night

Until the sun peeked over the hill

As it shined upon the flower

And there it was spring….



~Unnecessary death~

The click of metal echoed off the cave walls.

Eyes flashed and teeth glinted at the vicious wolf’s call.

claws scraped stone and jaws cracked bones.

The wolfs deadly howl was as fierce as his own.

His eyes darted challengingly to and fro.

Till his eyes landed on his foe.

growling he leaped, his steel claws scraping the stone underfoot.

the wolfs eyes flashed, soot black blood dripped from his gnashed fangs.

they fought frousiously, moonlight bathing their black coats silver.

whimpers sounded as fang met flesh

claws ripped fur and made old wounds fresh

blood ran cold as it ran though mesh.

The battle cries made rocks collide.

But not even rocks could bury his enemys pride.

For nothing could beat his deadly stride.

not even his ambition could he hide

screech after screech cry after cry.

And never again will he sigh

He gazed up at the sky one more time

before closing his eyes and letting out one last cry…


~~Pure evil~~

Hoarse gasps sounded as the old shadow hobbled along the deserted clearing,

The rasping breaths continued and the shadow stood there leering.

Mist floated around the withered old trees,

Their ghastly form lurid and scathing.

The shadow’s eyes glowed crimson as he crouched growling weakly,

Jagged claws gouging into the foul dirt and his tail shon sleekly.

Black clouds hoverd perilously aloft,

Bearly clear in the sheer darkness.

Tiny eyes glinted wickedly at the sudden starkness,

Thick, black rain dripped from the heavy black clouds.

Coating the dead forest in yet another layer of darkness,

Filling pools of hate and evil.

Poisoning the roots of life,

Like a knife of destructive force thrust into light.

There will never be a fair fight…

Copyright Bushra Ail Alkhatib Thu March 5th 2015 1:29PM



~The deep blue~

The sun blazed feircely in the calm blue sky,

Sending waves of heat rushing by.

Sand stretched out endlessly and seagulls flew around aimlessly,

And the calm blue waves stretched out lazliy at the glittering line of shells.

A calm breeze whispered through the palm trees,

Carrying the salty fresh ocean air,

The sweltering sun showed no care.

Then came the sound of the running mare,

Her black shape slowly galloping nearer.

Her beautiful mane becoming clearer,

Until she came to a sudden stop.

Lifting her head she neighed,

Rising, she stood on her hind legs.

Tossing back her mighty head,

Eyes reflecting the glorious sun.

She neighed one more time before galloping towards the sun

and blending in with it as one…

Copyright Bushra Ail Alkhatib  Sunday March 28th 2015 3:58PM


~The endless rolling hills~

A soft playful breeze whispered through the endless green

Carrying the heather’s tunes to the unseen

leaving the sky blue and clear

Spreading the sun’s rays far and near

Hares skipped around the vast green space

Not knowing where the earth will cease

Their sleek glossy fur like the feathers of geese

Keeping the fast growing grass at bay

Hiding in their burrows when the rain’s wet spray

Arrives with the once playful breeze

They huddle in the tunnles that echo with sneeze

Waiting for the glum stormy clouds

To take their thunder and raining crowds

Hoping it will pass briskly and swiftly

Knowing when the rain stopped was no mystery

For the loud sharp pounding stopped instantly

Leaving the sky clear once more

The loud thunder crashing sound no more

And at the center of the soggy moor

Was the best sight

The beautiful rainbow…

Copyright Bushra Ail Alkhatib Friday April 9th 2015 4:09PM


~Peace at sunset~

The waves of the great lake lapped peacefuly at the pebbly bank

An amber light of dying fire burned feebily as the ball of fire painfuly sank

into the dark black lake

Its surface dazzled brightly and sleekly as if it were fake

It changed from the threatening black to a chirpy yellow

The surface changed to crimson as the sun sunk, warm and mellow

Water glowing in a painful red brought fear to the flying birds

who sqreeched in alarm and confusion that formed no words

But as the last thretening red rays were swallowed up in the lake’s murky depths

leaving the quickly changing lake dark and peaceful

Letting the moon rise and the stars shining gleeful

Their frosty light lightening the blank sky

Echoing the moon that floated so high

The night animals glanced around the lake cautiously

Wondering when it will stop changing its imagery

But the beautiful lake never stopped

Because as soon as the sun drooped

The whole scene changed instantly

A blazing fire to a glowing crimson

A thretening black to glowing yellow that glistened

And again and again it changed day and night dark or light

This is how it has always been and how it will always be forever…


~The jungle of echoes~

The rustle of the green leaves in the vast jungle echoed menacingly,

The glowing eyes of predators flashed and glinted threateningly.

The snapping of weak twigs fill the jungle with a frightening sound,

Unwanted attention was bound to be found.

Darkness engulfs the shivering creatures with evil contempt,

One wont dare leaving the sheltering trees they wont even attempt.

For as soon as the sun sets evil takes over,

The sun’s feeble light diminishing like dew drops on clover.

The dew’s shining surface like the jungle’s glistening leaves,

But the evil darkness wont rest for they were thieves.

They gaze at the moon with eyes shining with hate,

Wishing the moons silver light was easy to take.

But the darkness could not threaten the moon’s light,

They swarmed around it enviously glaring at it with evil spite.

They glared at the bright stars in enmity,

Swarming around them jealously.

Like a swarm of black bees,

But as the warm sun climbs the now pink sky.

They screeched in protest and deny,

But grinned triumphantly as the moon disappeared.

But their once ugly sneer turned to sheer horror as the last rays of darkness were cleared,

The spat curses and threats of revenge.

But none of them was close to offence,

So they just sank into a prickly silence.

After swearing they will return like a virus,

Invading the calm blue sky.

And promising the end of the world….

Copyright Bushra Ail Alkhatib Sunday April 12th 2015 5:24PM


~Frozen Stars~

A frozen breeze whispered in a feathery tune, darting around ferns in the gloom.

Carrying a speck of white, that grew stems of sparkling light.

As time went by, the flake flew so high.

Casting a small shadow of glinting white light.

Over a field, leaving screams of delight.

As the wind grew brisk, I was as flat as a disc.

My flat shape still glistening with beauty.

But I still had one more duty.

I drifted over flocks of geese.

bringing with me a long, cold peace.

Then I flew over some cattle.

They stood lined up as though ready for battle.

But as I whisked by in peace.

I gradually came to a cease.

And behind me you won’t believe,

Were many more of me for the ground to receive.

We flew on silently then stopped.

But as we grew heavy we dropped.

As we fell down with grace,

We heard many more shouts,

Each laced with honeyed joy.

And at last came the final step of our journey.

When we at last hit the ground,

or the tops of trees huddled in mounds.

Most of our stems were broken,

and all of us knew at that moment.

That we’ve hit the end of our journey.

And there we sat peacefully all night,

glowing in the moon’s light.

Like glistening Frozen Stars…..



~Fallen leaves~

An icy wind wove around the trees,

Carrying with it it’s the fiery leaves.

Leaving the ghostly trees dry and bare,

Worn away by the sun’s burning glare.

The tree’s creaked and groaned,

As if the loss of their leaves was like having been stoned.

But as the breeze carried the leaves,

It swirled them around the trees as though to tease.

But the once proud trees stood ridged and still,

Refusing to sway at the teasing breeze.

But the stubborn breeze refused to cease.

Its flowing jealousy working with greed.

For it was never seen,

As the big proud tree’s covered with their changing leaves.

But as time flew the seasons changed,

And the sneering breeze slowed again.

For it now was no more,

Than the playful breeze running the moor.

And at last ended the season of The Fallen Leaves….


Copyright Bushra Alkhatib 8:20 PM Monday.


~The Past is not Today~


The echo of my past was all I could hear,

Through the haunted wails that filled my eyes tears.

I felt them fall like the leaves of the autumn tree,

All I felt was pain that, I’d never be free.

Of those haunted wails that hit me like hail,

A jarring reminder of the one’s whom I failed.

Watching their lives drain away,

Was too much a pain to tuck away.

I felt it tear everything inside,

Every emotion drained and dry.

My eyes a dull mass of marble,

reflecting the past that made my life crumble.

I sighed and dropped to the ground,

If it wasn’t there I’m sure I would have drowned.

For there wasn’t a way I could save myself,

If I couldn’t save a friend who was desperate himself.

This was how it had been since those terrible times,

How could I live with myself commiting those terrible crimes?

I shook my head to clear it all,

But did so in vain for they would never fall.

The more I banished them the more vivid they became,

I knew from the moment I Iost control that nothing would ever be the same.

That heavy weight of guilt and shame,

But I have to learn to live with it because…

My Past is not Today………

Copyright Bushra Alkhatib 2:41 PM Saturday


~Wings of fire~


Listen to the peace of the night,

The moon’s beam a ghostly light.

The glow of Fireflies as they float and swim,

As though they were in the ocean’s depths their glows cozy and dim.

As they float calmly in a group,

A moving shadow whisps and stoops.

The flap of its wings like a glove in the breeze,

It stoops and lands, killing many with ease.

As it sails away,

a sudden spark.

And the smell of burning bark,

A slinking fox stalks near.

It’s greed to kill and spead fear,

Along side with curiosity as it nears.

Suddenly a flame roars,

As it devours the surrounding floor.

The grass shriveling and graying,

But the fire continued its slaying.

Making the fox race away in pain,

Soon the fire was huge.

Attacking everything that couldent move,

Its flames greedily eating away.

Burning until the land was scorched and grey,

Full of ash and decay.

But the fire did not last forever,

As though they were summoned, many  storm clouds rolled in as big as ever.

They released their burden at once,

And it rained like it hadn’t in months.

The stubborn fire shrinking with a sizzling rasp,

Releaving the forest from its deadly grasp.

As the fire died the rain soon ceased,

The clouds being pulled away in the slight breeze.

Leaving rain trailing in its wake,

The rain saved the forest and now.

Was headed for another,

To release it from the Wings of Fire..……



~The End~

The End is near,

I see it clear.

Full of fear,

Those shadows that near.

Our darkest hour,

We’ll have no power.

We’ll be alone,

Hearing the moans.

Certain death awaits,

But who knows the true fate.

All we can do it wait,

Seeing the weak perish in the gloom.

Their unknown killer spells certain doom,

Their bones cracking beneath our bare feet.

Send shivers of fear and spread our defeat,

Those agonizing moans, of the dying and the starving.

Seem to echo forever in the vast walls of the caves,

Though now they seem as though they were graves.

Are decline picking up speed,

Now all we could do was plead.

To the only one who can hear,

For our End is Near……




1. Unnecessary Death

2. Pure Evil

3. The Deep Blue

4. The Endless Rolling Hills

5. Peace At Sun Set

6. The Jungle Of Echoes

7.  Frozen Stars

8. Fallen Leaves

9. The Past Is Not Today

10. Wings Of Fire

11. The End

12. The Windy Night

Copyright Bushra Alkhatib 2:40 PM 2015 Monday.





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